Your views: on testing, lockdown compo, arts and wine

Today, readers comment on test delays, compensation eligibility, artistic support, and a great drop of savvy Bran.

Comments on the story: As the COVID cluster grew, defense was called upon by overwhelming test sites.

Additional staff may help, but I don’t think staffing is the only issue. At this time, Neanderthals do not seem to be able to make reservations.

Indeed, they know the approximate time it will take for each test. You can make an appointment for a general practitioner online, so why not do a COVID test? It relieves a lot of anxiety and people will need to line up for a short time. – Alexandria Cannon

SA Health was in jeopardy for Covid’s laboratory staff and disappointed Adelaide. They seem to have no emergency response plans, so they are now calling on the army.

Perhaps their narrow employment policy is to blame. As a recently retired clinical drug researcher, I have over 27 years of clinical experience and drug therapy management in the operating room, but I am not a nurse and therefore not eligible for employment.

The simplicity of the medical system, where only nurses can perform the Covid test and get vaccinated. There are many areas of emergency medicine that are qualified to support this pandemic, but they do not seem to be of value to SA. – Joanne Petito

Comments on the story: $ 100 Million SA Government Grant for Companies Closed During Blockage

Small and owner-owned businesses that are not registered with GST will miss it again.

Just because a business isn’t registered with GST doesn’t mean it’s diminished in value or importance. Many low-cost single businesses have SMEs, their only form of income, and are currently closed. – Jo-anne Cain

Comments on the story: Blockade the big blow to Adelaide’s winter festival

Instead of asking for a refund, donate the cost of the ticket to anyone who has or will be shrinking the theater due to the blockade and does not affect their income. We owe these people. – Kathy Keech

Comments on the story: Love, hate, and familiar B

Great article Tony, and yes, the 2021 Show & Smith is beauty! – Doug Goban

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