WNCL: Mooney and Redmayne on fire with the bat

Star batter Beth Mooney scored the best day with a WNCL victory over Queensland Fire over Western Australia with 160 runs on Monday.

The Fire sent to the bat by the visitor on a hot day made 4-368 from over 50. Correspondingly, WA was bowled at just 208 with over 46.5.

Fire totals were the highest in WNCL history, but Mooney’s 163 from 139 balls was not only her best “List A” score, but also the best WNCL inning by Queenslander, the sixth in tournament history. It was an excellent personal score.

Georgia Redmayne also scored a ton, with 121 out of 107 balls scoring the highest score.

Mooney and Redmayne together put out 259 with just 24 overs for Queensland’s record-breaking partnership, the second wicket.

It was also the best partnership for any team with WA and the fourth highest partnership in WNCL history.

“I’m glad I got some hits from the middle today,” said Australian star Mooney.

“It’s great to be there in a big partnership.

“First and foremost my job is to get the team into a winning position. If that means overcoming a bit of heat and being there at the end, that’s perfectly fine.

“Bowlers have set up games for us over the last few years, so it’s nice that batters can set up games for bowlers once.

“It’s our job as a batter. We were lucky enough to do that to make sure the game is always moving forward.”

Redmayne said Mooney was “good to stand on the other end” in such a wonderful way.

“It’s really nice that we got that big partnership,” Redmayne said.

“I didn’t realize it was also a record partnership. That’s really great.”

Tue returns to action against ladder leader Victoria at the Junction Oval on Friday.

at first Mooney and Redmayne in a record-breaking partnership

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