Wirraka Maya Health Service embraces digital health

Willaka Maya Health ServiceAboriginal community health services in Port Hedland, Western Australia have produced record results in the use of technology to ensure better connected care for local patients.

Throughout 2020, Wirraka Maya Health Service uploaded the ninth most shared health summary in Western Australia, a summary of key patient health information. My health record, And an overview of the most events in the state. Healthcare services have also viewed more uploaded documents than any other primary care provider in Western Australia.

“We rely on My Health Record to keep patient pathology, imaging, medications, dispensing and medical history records up to date,” said Senior Medical Officer Dr Yolande Knight. “This is useful because many of our patients are temporary and have moved from one area to another, making it difficult to obtain a comprehensive file.

“You can see what other doctors have requested and performed, and you can overcome the delay of waiting for records requested by other clinics and providers. Similarly, upload and share what we have done. Because they can, when patients go to the clinic elsewhere, their records are up-to-date and available to other practitioners.

“You can also see which scripts were dispensed,” said Dr. Knight. “The automatic availability of PathWest results is invaluable. This has been of great help to the results of the recent COVID-19 test, where rather than attending a phone queue to get results. Sometimes it was faster to see the results in the patient’s records. “

Australian Digital Health Agency Steve Luneuf, a consumer advocate, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders champion, and co-chair of the Agency’s Reconciliation Working Group and the National Drug Safety Program, congratulated Willaka Maya on his commitment to digital health.

“It’s great to see Aboriginal-managed healthcare services leading the way in achieving outstanding results in the use of digital technology,” he said.

“This effort to deliver digital services continues to enhance the clinical outcomes of our communities and support digital divide breaches that can be detrimental to patients in remote areas.”

Western Australian Aboriginal Health Council (AHCWA) Dr. Marianne Wood, Head of Public Health and Medical Care, said:

“Many ACCHS are early aware of the great potential of the record to improve the care of Aboriginal patients, especially those who have traveled extensively throughout this huge state and are being cared for by many different healthcare providers. “She said.

“AHCWA is very active in supporting both ACCHS and the broader WA medical sector in the My Health Record project and recognizes that the benefits of recording are far greater with joint efforts. The Hedland Community of Excellence Project and the work of Willa Kamaya show what can be achieved. “

Image courtesy of Australian Digital Health Agency

Wirraka Maya Health Service embraces digital health Source link Wirraka Maya Health Service embraces digital health

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