Wilder Disgusted With Boxing’s Current State

Former WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder comments on the current state of the sport as more and more top boxing fighters are happy to get their salaries.

Appeared in 78SPORTS TVWilder couldn’t hide his frustration and disappointment in the way Boxing’s biggest names continue to duck each other.

“Many people come up with excuses to avoid fighters. The best, not the best fight.”

Former heavyweight kings believe that sports have resulted in a money debate rather than proving their value in the ring.

The “Bronze Trousers Bar” points to this because top boxing champions don’t adopt what is most meaningful to their heritage, but what most observers consider to be an “easy battle”. there is.

Boxer career peaks rarely continue, but the damage caused by the extended war in the ring shortens the life of a fighter.

But legendary fighters like Manny Pacquiao and Roy Jones Jr. continue to prove their value in the ring, as they have nothing else to do, despite solidifying their legacy. ..

On the other side of 30 itself, Wilder’s career in the ring is about to end. Alabama natives believe there is more to offer, but know that it won’t last long.

Wilder, who fully embraced the mortality rate in the ring, has no choice but to share his thoughts on this issue.

“Sometimes it’s like’I can’t wait to retire’. I don’t think I’m going to miss it. When I retire, they’ll miss me.”

Wilder has a score to reconcile with Tyson Fury of England before he decides to cut his gloves forever.

The two met first in the ring in December 2018, fought a controversial draw, and needed a second fight to determine who really deserved the title of Heavyweight King.

Fury britted Wilder in most of the seven rounds on his way to the TKO finish, winning both the WBC Heavyweight Championship and the vacant Ring Magazine title.

Wilder launched a rematch clause in March 2020, leading to the upcoming battle at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 9.

Wilder Disgusted With Boxing’s Current State Source link Wilder Disgusted With Boxing’s Current State

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