Why Finding a Latinx Therapist Matters

Similar cultural roots do not always promise a connection with the therapist, but being safe, listening and seeing in the therapist’s session helps me open more. ..For me, I work with a therapist who reflects in the mirror My multicultural background I understand that my layer of identity is important.

When I first started meeting the therapist, I admit it, I was nine years old, and I didn’t understand the importance of being culturally connected with your therapist. The shift began when I was a teenager and started making excuses to reschedule or cancel sessions with non-POC mental health professionals. I remember spending more time explaining the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rican family dynamics With the stress of going to Bronx Girls’ High School for the first time in my family. At that time, no one intended to “catch me”, so I decided to suspend treatment. I’m not always the best at communicating my negative emotions with others. Instead of telling my truth, I gave up. Today I honor the teenage girl in each session.

I realized that healing was not linear. When I was in college, I went back to treatment because I pushed myself to open up the wounds of the past and overcome them. It is still the purest act of all time and the most radical act of narcissism. Over the years, I was deliberately looking for a professional WOC therapist, so I’ve witnessed myself transforming.

Today, I have a gorgeous curly Dominican therapist who discusses my childhood, career, relationships, goals, fears and more. My therapist understands comments such as “being the only Latina in the room” and the weight it brings. She fully understands the stigma around “yelnovio?”. The question I always face. Not only for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but all year round. She has space for the moment to express the conflict with the Latin Americans I voted for Trump. We engage in conversations about cultural prejudice, hair troubles that lead to personal experiences, intergenerational trauma, and exploring healing practices of native roots. I learned to take advantage of the healing modality of Afro-Puerto Rico with botanicals and herbs, and powerful Dominican chants that serve as positive affirmations.

Unfortunately, in my experience, talking to a psychologist who doesn’t understand my cultural references slows my progress. Seeing and hearing was a very powerful move for my wellness journey.

I trust her, so I celebrate her achievements and get rid of the setbacks. There is an energetic space that our background provides, a sacred sanctuary for being genuine. We sometimes make jokes about body shaming to indulge after Latin moms complain that we aren’t eating enough. No more worrying about being too urban or too noisy when relaxing and passionate about your experiences and topics. Having a Latin mental health expert was a game changer. Therapy is my weekly practice of radical recovery, as I nourish myself, continue to discover, and respect the fact that I am the wildest dream of my ancestors.

Why Finding a Latinx Therapist Matters Source link Why Finding a Latinx Therapist Matters

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