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Israel destroys AP and Al Jazeera offices

Israel said it had destroyed a 12-story high-rise building in Gaza that housed the offices of the Associate Press and Al Jazeera, which was also used by Islamic extremist group Hamas.

The Aljara Building in Gaza was evacuated after the owner was warned of an imminent strike on Saturday.

Palestinian journalists were injured in a strike, Palestinian media reported, and debris and shrapnel flew tens of yards away.

“A fighter jet struck a skyscraper containing military assets belonging to the intelligence agencies of the Hamas terrorist organization,” the Israeli army said.

Associated Press president and CEO Gary Pruitt called the strike an “incredibly disturbing development.”

He said 12 AP journalists and freelancers were in the building and evacuated in time.

“I am shocked and frightened by the Israeli army’s targeting and destroying buildings containing AP stations and other media outlets in Gaza,” he said in a statement.

“Because of what happened today, the world will not know much about what is happening in Gaza.”

The US government said it had instructed Israel to ensure the safety of journalists.

“We directly communicated to the Israelis that ensuring the safety and security of journalists and independent media is of paramount importance,” White House spokesman Jen Psaki tweeted.

Dr. Mostefa Suag, deputy secretary general of the Al Jazeera Media Network, called the strike “barbaric” and said Israel should be held accountable.

“The purpose of this vicious crime is to silence the media and hide the immense genocide and suffering of the people of Gaza,” he said in a statement.

Israeli spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus rejected the idea that Israel was trying to silence the media. “It’s completely wrong and the media isn’t the target,” he told Reuters.

Hamas may have calculated that by placing “assets” in the building where the news media office is located, he “wanted to keep them safe from Israeli attacks,” Conricus said.

Another Israeli bombing killed more than 15 Palestinians in Gaza, medical officials said, killing a woman and four of her children when their homes in refugee camps were attacked. Including.

Five others were killed and others were injured.

Whyalla Steel Works is at risk as Gupta faces fraud investigations

Whyalla Ironworks’ future is worried as GFG Alliance owner Sanjeev Gupta faces investigations by the Serious Fraud Office in the United Kingdom, including a link to the bankrupt financial company Greensill Capital.

SFO is investigating allegations of fraud and money laundering at GFG Alliance companies that also operate coking coal in New South Wales.

The SFO probe contains a link to Greensill, who came into power earlier this year.

“SFO raises allegations of fraud, fraudulent transactions and money laundering in connection with financing and conducting business of companies within the Gupta Family Group Alliance (GFG), including financing arrangements with Greensill Capital UK Ltd We are investigating, “said the investigator. statement.

Gupta’s company was one of Greensil Capital’s main customers before it collapsed earlier this year.

Giles voters’ Labor Party lawmaker Eddie Hughes said the latest development “only increases the uncertainty of Whyalla,” said 2,000 workers at the steelworks.

“It’s the only integrated steel mill in the country that produces structural steel and rails, and it’s an integral part of our sovereign production capacity,” Hughes told ABC.

The SA government says it is closely monitoring the situation.

White Oak Global Advisors, Australia’s refinancing partner of the GFG Alliance, said the Liberty Primary Metals debt refinancing effort is subject to financial due diligence and acceptable governance.

Many were worried that GFG itself would be at risk after the collapse of the financial company, as GFG relies on Greensil.

Earlier this week, Australian founder and former British Prime Minister David Cameron appeared in Parliament on concerns about lobbying.

Indian flight passengers begin quarantine

About 80 people began quarantine in Howard Springs after half of their return flights from India to Australia arrived.

Returning Australians arriving on their first flight from India infected with the virus since the travel ban was lifted have begun the second day of quarantine.

It is understood that about 80 returnees arrived on Saturday at 9:25 am on the eight and a half hour Delhi flight that landed at AEST.

However, close contact with more than 40 people who were positive before the flight and about 30 people prohibited them from returning to QF112, which has a COVID-safe capacity of 150 seats.

Returnees will be transferred by two buses to the Howard Springs quarantine facility, where they will spend the next two weeks.

More than 9,000 Australians are registered as wishing to return, of which about 900 are said to be hopeless or vulnerable.

The next government-sponsored flight will arrive in Darwin on May 23, with a total of 40 flights scheduled to arrive since March 2020.

This is a prerequisite for both PCR and rapid antigen testing.

The 26% positive rate of 150 people considering Saturday flights is much higher than the 3.5% rate registered for passengers on March flights.

Rennotaras, executive director of the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Center, said those who couldn’t get on the Qantas Dreamliner would have to reapply for a seat on another flight with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Flights from the subcontinent were suspended in late April due to a surge in positive COVID cases from India in Howard Springs.

The facility can handle about 100 positive cases, but AUSMAT and NT Health, which operate the facility, aim to keep that number at 50.

Driver arrested after escaping from the crash at Aldinga Beach

A driver who crashed a stolen car and fled the scene in South Australia was arrested after being discovered by the general public.

A member of the public helped police track a driver who had fled the scene of the accident in South Australia.

After a stolen sedan crashed and rolled on Main South Road and power lines shut down, emergency workers were called to Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide, around 7:15 am on Saturday.

Witnesses told police that the man had withdrawn from the car and ran away, causing a search involving police dogs and helicopters.

A 27-year-old man was arrested after being discovered by the general public on Pages Flat Road near Sellicks Hill shortly after noon.

Police believe the rifle and ammunition buried in a property near the crash site are related to a man whose address has not been determined.

He is expected to be prosecuted for illegal use / theft of cars and an exhibition of unassigned plates.

Police say the man is expected to be denied bail to appear in Christie’s Beach Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Tasmanian trade union leader resigns

Tasmanian opposition leader Rebecca White will not re-fight with party leaders after the Labor Party loses elections three times in a row.

Ms White announced her decision to resign on Saturday, saying it was an honor to lead for four years, but a change in leadership is needed to stay competitive in the next state election.

She supports the shadow treasure, David Overn, as a successor and could make a decision within the party in the coming days.

Ms White initially stated that she would lead the Tasmanian Labor Party after the state elections, but said it changed after a week of internal conversation.

The leaving opposition leader remains as a member of parliament.

China landing spacecraft on Mars

China has landed a spacecraft on Mars for the first time as the latest step towards an ambitious goal in space. This is a technically challenging feat that is more difficult than landing on the moon.

The plan requires Rover to stay on the lander for a few days of diagnostic testing, then roll a ramp to explore the area of ​​Mars known as the Utopia Planitia. Join the American Rover, who arrived on the Red Planet in February.

According to Xinhua, the entry capsule entered the atmosphere of Mars at an altitude of 125 km, and a stage called “the most dangerous stage of the entire mission” has begun.

According to Xinhua, a 200-square-meter parachute was deployed, later dumped, and then a retrorocket rocket was launched, bringing the aircraft to near zero speed. The aircraft floated about 100 meters above the surface of the water to identify obstacles before landing on the four buffer legs.

Xi Jinping Jintao of China, in a letter of congratulations to the mission team, is an important step in the journey “of exploration between our country of the planet the landing, to achieve the leap from the earth the moon to the planetary system, Left a trace of the Chinese on Mars. For the first time …. Homeland and people always remember your outstanding feat! “

Named after the Chinese Fire God Zhurong, the Rover will be deployed for 90 days in search of evidence of life. It is about the size of a small car and is equipped with a ground penetrating radar, a laser, and sensors that measure the atmosphere and magnetic spheres.

Bulldog goes down the port and takes the lead in AFL

Another Marcus Bontemperi Masterclass has driven the Western Bulldogs into a vibrant 19-point victory over fellow AFL flag fancy Port Adelaide.

Bontemperi’s 26 dispositions were a luxury event at Adelaide Oval on Saturday night, featuring two goals and seven inside 50s with a 15.6 (96) to 12.5 (77) victory on his side.

The famous midfield of Doggys was in the best shape. Bontemperi, Liberatore, Jack McRae (32 dispositions), Adam Treloir (26), Bailey Dale (23) and Bailey Smith (25) were the prolific ball winners.

Forward Aaron Norton scored four goals and took Mark’s trademark hanger.

Port-on-ballers Ollie Wines (32 dispositions) and Travis Boak (30 possessions), and defender Darcy Byrne-Jones (24 touches) were brave, but Mitch Georgiades, Charlie Dixon, and Orazio Fantasia each kicked two majors. I did.

Melbourne will be able to beat Carlton on Sunday to regain top billing, but Port will slip from 3rd to 5th after his third defeat of the season.

– Use AAP and Reuters

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