What to drink at Hains & Co’s sixth birthday rum party

Rum has long been an important part of Hains & Co’s products. That’s why the bar is pouring rum-focused cocktails to celebrate its 6th anniversary. Owner Marcus Motteram talks about his favorites.

Twelve months have passed since Hains & Co’s last birthday celebration, and the Adelaide cocktail scene has changed dramatically.

The city was blocked, broke out of the blockade, and overcame all sorts of trade restrictions. And now, almost a year later, Hains & Co is trading under viable (still slightly hindered) conditions and is benefiting from three new neighbors. , Everyone has joined the neighborhood in the last few weeks.

“From one bar in this small alley to four bars in a week. It’s really good. I’m really excited to be here,” says owner Marcus Motteram.

“I think a successful hospitality scene across Adelaide is good for everyone. If you’re doing well with only one or two, it’s not great.”

Given last year’s event and the bar’s new neighbor, Haynes has more reasons to open the door for the 6th birthday explosion and plans to do so with the highest level of fun possible.

Hains & Co’s official anniversary is February 21st, but Marcus has decided to delay the celebration by a week to coincide with the full moon on February 27th in order to properly host the full moon Tiki Party.

These styles of drink are the perfect showcase for rum. This is the spirit that has been fascinated by the Hains team throughout the life of the bar’s business.

For Marcus, it’s the spirit that the deadline hasn’t come yet in a market full of gin and whiskey.

“People sometimes take cocktails very seriously, and that’s the beauty of rum, [is it] It’s a great, serious product, but let’s have fun, “says Marcus.

The Marcus and Haynes team take rum seriously, the bar has been producing its own spicy rum for years, and has begun importing two-year-old white rum. Created a unique house style such as coconut butter fat wash. Lamb.

Marcus wants to incorporate rum into the Adelaide cocktail set glossary through Haynes events such as the 6th Anniversary Tiki Party and rum tasting.

“It’s about giving that experience of just going.” What do you know? It feels like rum today, “says Marcus.

“I think that knowing things and gaining those experiences will give you confidence.” From now on, spend $ 16 to $ 20 on high quality products. How do you feel I feel like rum. Jamaican people would be nice. “

To help bring CityMag In the world of rum, Marcus has offered three cocktails that illustrate how the spirit can be achieved with the hands of a talented bartender.

Mai Tai

Maitai is a beloved classic.

But underneath that delicious veneer is a layer of hidden complexity.

“This is just one of the classic Tiki drinks that shows how to make a drink with a great split base of rum,” says Marcus.

Hains Mai Tai is made from four rums, but it’s not like taking off your socks.

“People think,’Wow, it’s a lot of rum, so it’s going to be a real drinker.'” It’s about the flavor, not the liquor, and what you can make with rum alone.

“No other spirit can be used on a split base. We don’t use two different gin to make a cocktail, but rum uses two, and in some cases three, different rums to make a cocktail. Often it makes it so unique. “

Pineapple daiquiri

If the sound of coconut butter fat-washed rum sounds like a good time, Hanes’ pineapple daiquiri is the ideal way to experience it.

“Daiquiri is an opportunity to showcase the many things we do and the processes we go through when creating something,” says Marcus.

The process of making rum for this drink is time consuming, but definitely worth the trouble.

“We took the dried coconut and put it in this machine. It’s a really fast food processor and breaks it down to get all the oil out,” Marcus explains.

“Then, basically I cleaned it with heat with an ultrasonic device, so it stirs it with sound and heat and actually pushes that flavor into rum.”

Coconut is very clear and often helps in fruity formulations.

Join the main brace

This is a bar voyage-themed Hains cocktail that makes you feel nostalgic.

Marcus explains that the phrase “joining the main brace” was used in the Navy to indicate that an additional ration of gin or rum was about to be distributed to the team.

“It was amazing, it was like everyone was celebrating.” Okay, we did a good job. We plan to provide an additional ration to this. This is great, “says Marcus.

This name is also a reference to the flavor profile of the drink.

“This brings you back to your childhood with those splice ice creams, and we utilize pineapple, honeydew melon, and we mix this, and it’s from there It’s a great foundation to work with, “says Marcus.

All of these cocktails, and more, will be available at Hains’ 6th Anniversary Party on Saturday, February 27th.

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