What Programming Language Is the Best to Start Learning?

It’s never too late to learn. And a second education or knowledge about new technologies can be obtained at any age. However, if you start learning programming from scratch, you may run into a number of problems. In such a case, it is better to google “do my programming homework.” And find services that can help you. There you will find specialists who will assist with assignments in any programming language.

What programming language is the best to start learning? Let’s figure it out.

First, you need to be prepared for colossal work, the time frame of which significantly exceeds a couple of months. Next, you need to determine the following factors:

  • market demand
  • the complexity of the study
  • areas of use
  • how long the language will still exist.

Yes, there are programming languages that are dead, forgotten because there is no need for them.

Labor market demand

If the desire to learn to program came from just enthusiasm or sympathy for intellectual problems, this text would be no less useful. After all, any interesting job that brings good money can become a dream job.

Often, high salaries are received by programmers who are in demand (by the way, less than 50%) from well-known companies and who know “exotic” programming languages. These are languages ​​that are not heard by a wide audience.

Complexity of language

By itself, knowledge of programming languages ​​implies an understanding of the writing of certain algorithms and the work of performers. Here are the top five languages which are not difficult to learn:

  • It is easy to learn and operate. Thanks to it, a novice programmer can create an uncomplicated website or web application.
  • It is known for its readability, simple syntax, and consistency, which speaks of its convenience.
  • The language uses a combination of functions from the C ++ and Java languages, which makes it easier for programmers.
  • Simply put, it presents a specific scenario. The language is suitable for browser extensions and can be embedded in HTML.
  • It is a programming language to reduce implementation dependencies. It may sound too complicated for you, but in reality, it is completely different.

Areas of use

  • Low-level programs. C language allows you to create an operating system to feel like a founder of Microsoft or some driver for the OS itself.
  • Web programming. As mentioned, you can write a simple website in HTML, but you need to somehow use the scripting part, which will happen on the user’s side. JavaScript does this well.
  • It is better to use Java here since it allows you to create programs that work for a long time without interruptions and breakdowns.
  • Python, Java, C ++ will help a novice programmer in creating 2D, 3D platform games.

If you are not afraid of difficulties and behave with restraint in this area, you can become a sought-after specialist. You should not take on everything at once. Any experienced programmer will advise to learn one programming language rather than skimming through several ones. Patience and self-control are required: these two qualities will help you reach good results.

Most popular programming languages

You can learn a programming language to the initial level in 6-10 months. However, if you make a mistake with the language choice, it can become outdated, and you will just waste time and money.

To track the demand for programming languages, companies compile special ratings. These ratings are based on the languages in which the most lines of code are written and popularity on job search sites, mentions in services for programmers, and social networks.

The most popular programming languages:

  1. C
  2. Python
  3. Java
  4. C++
  5. JavaScript
  6. C#
  7. PHP
  8. Arduino
  9. R

Is it worth learning C programming?

C is one of the oldest and most popular programming languages. It is fast, so it is used wherever performance is needed. For example, to create drivers, operating systems, or software for microcontrollers. At the same time, C is difficult to learn – you have to write a lot from scratch. If you compare programming languages to cars, then C is a racing car uncomfortable on city roads but very fast.

Where is it used? C is used to create drivers, write operating system kernels, and write libraries for Python and other languages.

Why should ordinary people study it? C is not a language in which you can easily write a smartphone app or smart home program. However, with it, you can start learning programming languages. It’s not easy to learn, but if you can do it, you will understand how almost all other languages work.

Is it worth learning to program in Java?

It is a cross-platform language. Cross-platform is the ability to write a program once and immediately use it on several operating systems: Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Thanks to the libraries, Java is suitable for almost everything: working with graphics, sound, creating small games.

Where is it used? Java is the language for everything. It is used to write Android mobile apps, microwave programs, and servers. For the development of mobile applications, the Kotlin language is now increasingly used. However, many applications have already been written in Java that will have to be maintained and updated.

Why should you study it? With Java, you can create a home server or mobile phone application. It will not be very easy, but you can kill two birds with one stone – make a program and learn a popular language at the same time.

Is it worth learning to program in Python?

The developers have created many libraries for Python so that you can use ready-made solutions in your projects. The main disadvantage of Python is its low speed. Where is it used? Most often, Python is used to create servers, process data, and develop neural networks. After learning Python, you can work as a backend or data science developer.

Why should you study it? With Python, you can create a bot for messengers or social networks.

Now you know some features of programming languages and can choose the best one for yourself. Thanks to this article, you can be ready for difficulties that may occur while learning. We believe that you will make the right choice!

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