What Is Andy Lee’s New TV Show The Cube And How Does It Work?

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Andy Lee is the host of Australia’s new reality TV show, The Cube.

As COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) (# If there is no character limit, add parentheses when it first appears The pandemic continues, and television producers are looking for more interesting formats to deploy to viewers seeking an escape from reality.

The revamped “Big Brother” and “Holey Moley” have proven to have gained viewers so far, and one of the recent additions to Australian reality TV is “The Cube.”

The game show hosted by Andy Lee is based on the British version, but for those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s exactly how the “cube” works.


The ultimate skill test challenges competitors with a combination of mental and physical games for the $ 250,000 Grand Prize.


There are about 40 free games in The Cube, placed in a 4m x 4m x 4m Perspecs Cube to complete tasks such as throwing, catching, estimating, balancing, memorizing, reacting, etc. ..

If your team successfully completes 7 games without losing 9 lives, you will win the highest award. Also, each team must make a big decision each time they face a new game. Whether to play or play safely.

Contestants can play for larger prizes, but can take all the risks they have earned or play safely and leave with the money they already have.

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Contestants are in a 4m x 4m x 4m Perspecs Cube to complete the task.

“Body” and “Ninja”

Contestants and spectators will be able to see a demonstration of how to complete the task when each game is published.

Demonstrators are stigma-like “body” or “ninja” in anonymous costumes.

life line

Contestants start the game with two lifelines that can be used to complete the game. These are “swap” and “simplification”, and each lifeline can only be used once.

The Swap option is available during a single player’s game, allowing players playing the game in the cube to exchange positions with teammates who are not playing.

“Simplification” simplifies the game, but competitors don’t know exactly how it will happen until the lifeline is used.

Thanks to the 140 cameras surrounding the cube, slow-motion playback for instant results is possible and will not be overlooked.

On the other hand, “The Cube” has a unique voice and personality that reflects various moods such as “thinking” mode and “gameplay” mode.

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“The Cube” has “swap” and “simplify” lifelines, and each lifeline can only be used once.

Money ladder:

The game is valued for more and more money, but the difficulty increases as each is completed.

Game 1: $ 2,000

Game 2: $ 5,000

Game 3: $ 10,000

Game 4: $ 20,000

Game 5: $ 50,000

Game 6: $ 100,000

Game 7: $ 250,000

Host Andy Lee

Comedian Andy Lee, “Haimish & Andy” The duo will host a game show. He said it was an opportunity he couldn’t wait.

In a statement, the TV and radio presenter said, “When I play a skill game in a pub to decide who will get the next beer, I and my colleagues are nervous. For $ 250,000 Imagine what you do. ” “I can’t wait!”

Show history:

“The Cube” debuted in the UK in 2009 and has been run in nine series until 2015.

As previously reported by HuffPost UK, The ITV program returned for improved execution early last year, and the “body” was unmasked as model and singer Andrianna Christophy.

Olympian Mo Farah is the only person to defeat “The Cube,” which won the highest award at the 2012 Charity Special.

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