Wang Yi, foreign minister, wants better ties with Biden administration

The Wang spoke in a broad speech to the New York-based Asian Society, hosted overnight by the President of Think Tank and former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd.

Relations with the United States “have fallen to the lowest level since diplomatic relations were established 41 years ago,” Wang said.

The United States of Donald Trump President (left) and China’s Xi Jinping Jintao (2019).credit:AP

“This serious and difficult situation in Sino-US relations is not what we want to see,” he said. “Sanctions need to be replaced by dialogue and consultation.”

But he, climate change, pandemics, such as economic recovery, said he saw a more three areas for the good cooperation between Joe Biden of Xi Jinping president and the next president of China.

The Wang’s speech focused primarily on Sino-US relations, which resulted in China banning Australian coal and imposing high tariffs on various commodities such as barley, wine and lobster. Did not mention the deterioration of.


Australia has taken China to the World Trade Organization over a tariff of 80% on barley and has not ruled out further action.

China has offended Australia in recent weeks when a prominent diplomat posted on Twitter, a banned platform in China. This is an image of an Australian SAS soldier tearing through the throat of an Afghan child.

The post urged Australia to stop criticizing China’s human rights abuses.

The king defended China’s so-called warrior diplomacy, saying it was about equality.

“China’s diplomacy is for equity. China, which has experienced great humiliation in history, really understands how important equity is,” he said.

“We believe that all countries, regardless of their size or strength, are equal members of the international community. Don’t bully big or small.”

Mr Rudd said Sino-US relations are having a negative impact on third countries like Australia, which are “very lit in the tension of bilateral relations.”

Chinese officials have refused to accept calls from the Australian government, despite repeated requests from the Morrison government to resume communications.

The former Labor leader urged the king to resume talks.

“I really enjoyed your comment on the fact that if COVID made it possible, face-to-face dialogue would allow us to solve most problems, and it would be possible between the United States and China. I hope it will be soon, “he said.

“And I market for my country Australia [and for] The same is true for direct contact between the Chinese and Australian governments. “

There are currently no Australian journalists working in China as a result of Beijing refusing to issue visas and threatening the last two correspondents submitted from the scene.

However, the king welcomed anyone watching his speech to the Asian Society to visit Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Tibet, where they claimed to see social harmony.

“Some politicians have created too much false information about the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the Tibet Autonomous Region,” Wang said.

“For foreign friends who really care about China and want to know more about Xinjiang, Tibet and other parts of China, we are always ready to share the facts with them.

“We welcome you, everyone who joins us through video links from various countries today to visit China, including two autonomous regions, at your convenience.

Rudd warned that “because there are completely different views, a greater and more direct involvement between both sides and all sides will be required.”

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Wang Yi, foreign minister, wants better ties with Biden administration Source link Wang Yi, foreign minister, wants better ties with Biden administration

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