Wall Street Eyes Return To Normalcy As Virus Fears Recede

Wall Street was even closer to normal on Tuesday as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) withdrew some of Covid-19’s strictest restrictions and Goldman Sachs set a date to resume internal work.

The New York Stock Exchange closed completely in March 2020, two months later, before welcoming a small number of traders, but plans to allow additional personnel on the trading floor, including those from media organizations that respect the protocol. Officials said Tuesday.

Goldman Sachs then became the latest major bank to announce specific plans to return staff to downtown New York, telling workers to return to their desks by June 14.

“Based on improved public health in the New York City area and continued progress in deploying vaccinations nationwide, the NYSE will issue several Covid Health and Safety Protocols on the Trading Floor on Wall Street from May 10 We are making adjustments. 2021 “he wrote to the staff.

The announcement will be made the day after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo lifts restrictions on major coronaviruses.

According to Kuomo, from May 19th, restrictions on the occupancy of many business and cultural facilities in the city, including shops, restaurants, cinemas and museums, will be lifted.

A trader who appeared in front of the New York Stock Exchange last year. We plan to further relax the restrictions on Covid-19.
Getty Images North America / Spencer Pratt

As recommended by the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a company can welcome as many people as it wants if a social distance of 6 feet is maintained.

Under the new rules, NYSE traders and other people on the floor will not be subject to random testing if they are fully vaccinated.

Media representatives are also allowed to go to the floor, but must wear a mask, except for the media on the camera in the specified enclosed set.

Meanwhile, Goldman said the vaccine deployment was “encouraged” and added that staff should expect additional guidance from regional and sector leaders “as the situation and capacity changes.” ..

“We know from experience that our culture of collaboration, innovation and apprenticeship thrives when employees get together, and more colleagues return to the office so they can experience it on a regular basis. I’m looking forward to coming. ” A note signed by Chief Executive Officer David Solomon and two other senior executives.

Goldman’s announcement came a week after JPMorgan Chase told US employees that they should expect them to return to work directly in July.

Wall Street Eyes Return To Normalcy As Virus Fears Recede Source link Wall Street Eyes Return To Normalcy As Virus Fears Recede

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