Voyagers movie review: Lily-Rose Depp’s tiresome space thriller is not interested in anything

A movie poster that suggests it’s a sexy thriller with a hot young star, other than what it sells.

Attractive young people running crazy down the corridor that has undergone sterilization. that’s it. That is a movie.

OK, that’s a little annoying. VoyagerHowever, running down the hallway over the 108-minute run time of the movie can be a daunting task.

Generously “King of 蠅 In space “, Voyager On the surface, an 86-year mission to colonize a new planet explores what happens when 30 bright young ones are trapped in a tin can.

It’s a well-known storytelling range, Voyager Delve into determinism, human nature, joint responsibility, and thoughts about what constitutes a purposeful life.

But confused and uninteresting scripts quickly skip the opportunity to say something insightful about one of them.

Instead, it attempts to create a mood with a sterile production design, a twist on the handlebar mustache, and a one-dimensional villain who may be standing a lot in threatening poses. Oh, and run down the corridor.

on the other hand Voyager‘The up-and-coming star cast escapes from this dull, unimaginable colorless movie almost unscathed, you need to be offended by Colin Farrell dragged into such a boring mess.

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In 2063, scientists will identify potentially habitable planets, but it will take 80 years for the Scouts to reach them. I can’t find enough qualified candidates to make a one-way trip-especially because it’s their grandchildren who will be the final colonists-they breed 30 babies for the mission ..

Babies have no parents, only crazy and clever gene donors, and are born in the lab. They are raised in isolation so that they never know the open sky and the joy of nature.

Since they are only children when they launch, Farrell’s Richard Alling volunteers to go with them and makes sure there is someone looking for their interests. Flashing 10 years before the mission, the spacecraft has some kind of cooperation.

But then two exciting events unbalanced the ship’s subtleties, and chief engineer Zack (Fionn Whitehead) revealed his aggressive, domineering and violent side.

This is where the Lord of the Flies part comes in. It is literally an isolated youth microsociety, with no traditional authority to decide whether to follow the path of anarchy and pure identity or order themselves in the form of a functioning community. ..

Here’s enough material to find out how a group of wise but naive youths fall into a vicious mob, and how their charismatic personality imposes dictatorial and vicious domination through fear. there was.

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But Voyager It doesn’t take long or long to explore any of these ideas. There is little character development and it has not reached the archetype level. All characters may be interchangeable, except for the villain with the apparently black hat on the white head.

Its lack of peculiarity means that you will never be invested in someone’s destiny-a deadly choice when a bet is alive or dead.

Despite casting a young star to the pinnacle of international stars, Lily-Rose Depp and Tye Sheridan conclude the lead – Voyager Give them nothing to do.

But that could have been worse for them.At least they weren’t game of Thrones‘Isaac Hempstead-Wright has very little screen time and purpose, so I wonder if his character had a subplot that was driven away at some point.

And Viveik Kalra was a fascinating lead Dazzled by the light, Two tasks were given-at the expense of the chick. A promising cast is useless.

It’s hard to tell if it’s Neil Burger, the writer and director who previously made the YA Action Thriller. Divergence, Originally made Frankenstein by the studio, there was a more ambitious plan. Voyager I always dragged this leg and it didn’t work.

For example, movie posters, Depp and Sheridan’s neon-colored portraits, are put in sexual rest and undressed, even though the movie has few “sexy” moments. The scene is momentary, and there is certainly little interest in how sexual desire and appetite manifest in this sort of previously calm and solid structure.

The fact that the poster suggests a movie that is much more sexy than it really is is a sign of an identity crisis in something with little identity.

rating: 1.5 / 5

Voyager is currently in the cinema

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Voyagers movie review: Lily-Rose Depp’s tiresome space thriller is not interested in anything Source link Voyagers movie review: Lily-Rose Depp’s tiresome space thriller is not interested in anything

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