Victoria names seven NSW LGAs as red zones for COVID-19 permits

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer has declared seven New South Wales municipalities as Red Zones starting Wednesday at 1 am.

The declaration was made hours after New Zealand’s health authorities closed the Trans-Tusman bubble with New South Wales for 72 hours.

NSW Health also issued public health warnings related to confirmed cases of coronavirus on two flights between Sydney and Wellington (Qantas QF163 on June 18 and Air New Zealand NZ247 on June 21). I issued it.

Passengers on these flights are considered close contacts and should call NSW Health at 1800 943553 for 14 days of testing and quarantine, regardless of test results.

Similarly, visitors to Totti’s Bondi (within Royal Bondi) are considered to be closely related and must follow the same steps.

Earlier on Tuesday, 10 more cases were revealed in New South Wales, bringing the Bondi COVID-19 cluster to 21 cases.

The new incident has begun a 72-hour break in Australia’s largest state, which is enough for NZ to wind up a drawbridge and hinder its eastern trip from Wednesday to Friday.

In Melbourne, Professor Brett Sutton ruled on Tuesday night that Victorian residents in the Red Zone could be granted permission to re-enter the state, but had to be quarantined at home for 14 days.

Non-Victorian residents cannot enter the state if they are in the Red Zone.

Travelers who pass through the Red Zone without stopping can apply for an entry permit.

The seven declared regions are:

  • Sydney city
  • Waverly
  • Urara
  • Bayside
  • Canada Bay
  • Inner West
  • Randwick

Wollongong is also declared an orange zone.

Travelers in the Orange Zone can apply for entry into Victoria, but must be tested and quarantined until negative results are obtained.

Pausing travel bubbles is not unique.

New Zealand suspended a trip from Victoria on May 25 in response to the latest community incident in Melbourne.

This allowed Kiwi travelers to return after completing two weeks alone, but the Victorian bubble will return online exactly as soon as the New South Wales bubble closes.

“The overall risk to New Zealand’s public health remains low at present, but there are still some unknowns,” said COVID-19 Minister Chris Hipkins.

“The government is taking a precautionary approach, so we will consider the decision to suspend again on Thursday.”

Hypkins was infected while in the Sydney community Elementary school kids without a link to the cluster It influenced the decision.

Given the government’s “flyer attention” model, where travelers do so at their own risk, this decision will lock Kiwi travelers in Sydney.

Earlier on Tuesday, officials also revealed that 16 recent arrivals in New Zealand visited places of interest listed from recent outbreaks in New South Wales.

People who visit places of interest cannot fly.

If you find out where you are interested after traveling, you should quarantine at home until COVID-19 is negative.

Of the 16 travelers these days, no one has ever tested positive.

-Use AAP

Victoria names seven NSW LGAs as red zones for COVID-19 permits Source link Victoria names seven NSW LGAs as red zones for COVID-19 permits

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