Victoria lockdown: International arrivals into hotel quarantine paused

The Victorian hotel quarantine system is back on ice and international passengers to the state from Saturday are not allowed, except for passengers already in transit.

The hotel quarantine system in Victoria has been shut down again due to the suspension of international arrivals from Saturday.

State enters a five-day blockade From 11:59 pm on Friday COVID-19 Outbreaks are related to the Holiday Inn Quarantine Hotel, which has increased to 13 cases.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews described a “super-infectious” British variant at the heart of the cluster “Presenting a very, very realistic challenge” to the nation..

A spokeswoman for the premiere said, “As part of today’s circuit breaker action, we have suspended all international passenger flights from tomorrow (Saturday, February 13), except those that are already in transit.” It states.

“We know this will be difficult news for those who are abroad and want to go home, but for now our focus needs to take this short and sharp action in response to this outbreak.

“We will continue to assess the impact of the UK strain virus on the program and arrivals abroad and will soon provide more information on the duration of this suspension.”

Passengers on flights already in transit will be quarantined upon arrival in Victoria.

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The update will take place earlier this week after Andrew has canceled plans to raise the weekly arrival limit from 1120 to 1310, starting February 15, when other states raise capacity.

All domestic cabinets met on February 5 At the time, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “We reaffirmed our common priority of helping Australians return home by raising the international passenger arrival limit.”

Starting at 12:01 am on February 15, New South Wales will have 430 people per day and Queensland will have 1000 people per week.

South Australia’s cap has increased to 530 arrivals per week, and Western Australia’s current 512 cap per week remains unchanged until further review.

In Victoria, additional increases were considered.

Morrison said the domestic cabinet has decided to keep the new international passenger arrival limit introduced on February 15 until 11:59 pm on April 30.

Since March 2020, more than 211,000 people have returned to Australia through hotel quarantine, but tens of thousands of stranded Australians are still waiting to return.

Coronavirus outbreaks at Ridges and Stanford Plaza hotels in Melbourne, Swanston led to 99% of the second wave of COVID-19 cases in Victoria and 801 deaths due to the isolation of returning travelers. It was.

A survey was conducted on a $ 195 million program. I saw a private security guard used to protect returning travelers – Decisions that people or institutions were not responsible for.

The program, which had been discontinued since the end of June, was resumed in early December.

Victoria lockdown: International arrivals into hotel quarantine paused Source link Victoria lockdown: International arrivals into hotel quarantine paused

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