Venezuela Appoints New, Pro-president Electoral Council

On Tuesday, Venezuela set up a new national election council in President Nicolas Maduro’s government to support a majority, setting potential new barriers to opposition participation in the next vote.

The National Election Council (CNE) is one of the major obstacles to negotiations between the Maduro administration and the opposition prior to the local elections by the end of the year.

Many observers say that opponents are also likely to boycott these elections.

Three of the five new members of the new CNE, elected by Parliament on Tuesday and controlled by the Maduro Party, are considered followers of Hugo Chavez, the leader of leftist leaders.

The other two members are close to the opposition.

Congress confirmed the members with two-thirds of the votes. The Maduro administration and its allies have dominated 256 of the 277 seats in Parliament after the overwhelming victory in December 2020.

Opposition leader Juan Guaid said he disapproved, referring to the presidential and legislative elections before the parliamentary vote, saying “the results will be the same as in 2018 and 2020: disapproval and refusal.”

Venezuela’s new Election Commission has a majority in favor of President Nicolas Maduro
President of Venezuela / JHONN ZERPA

Guaidó, then chairman of parliament, declared Maduro acting as Venezuela’s deputy president in January 2019 after being reelected in a 2018 vote that was considered fraudulent.

More than 50 countries, including the United States, support Guaidó’s claim.

In 2020, the Maduro Party and its allies benefited from the boycott of the legislative opposition and regained control of Parliament, the only government agency previously out of their control.

Election results were not recognized by the European Union, the United States, or some Latin American countries.

A majority of former parliaments in support of Guaidó called on the international community to maintain “a position on the invalidity of the election process organized in Venezuela by the unconstitutionally appointed CNE” in a statement released Tuesday. ..

The Organization of American States (OAS) has accused the appointment in a statement on Tuesday.

“In the face of the appointment of a new national election council by an illegal parliament in Venezuela, the OAS Secretariat rejects and condemns these actions by the dictatorship,” said the regional group secretariat.

Venezuela Appoints New, Pro-president Electoral Council Source link Venezuela Appoints New, Pro-president Electoral Council

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