Vegeta’s Turn To Fight The Cerealian

Granola has vowed to kill all the last Saiyans and is ready to fight Vegeta in Chapter 74 of “Dragon Ball Super.” Vegeta is excited to fight this powerful cereal.

Last page of “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 73 As Goku recovers after the battle with Cereal, he teases the battle between Granola and Vegeta.

After a massive attack on Goku, Granola is ready to end him, but Vegeta tells him he is his new enemy.

In the previous chapter, Goku and Granola continue to fight. Granola fires a powerful beam at Goku, who can dodge them all.

Then they bring the battle into the forest. After a fierce battle involving the destruction of several trees, Granola noticed changes in the enemy’s blood flow and cell movement.

He wonders if Goku has activated his evasion technique. Granola tells Goku that he knows everything about this technique and needs to come up with something better.

Goku warns him that the Blue Plus Ultra Instinct is real and he won’t be easy to counter. He powers up and prepares for an attack, but Granola immediately fires a beam at him. Saiyans are slightly overlooking the Cerealian’s ongoing beam attack.

Goku gets very close to Granola and finds an opening. His core remains open and Goku attacks him with Kamehameha.

After the attack, both Granola and Goku appear to be injured. Granola tells Goku that his attack and evasion techniques are meaningless in front of his right eye, and that they can always lock to the enemy’s key points.

Granola warns Goku that the opening is zero and he must give up. Goku admits that his super-instinct has no weaknesses, which must be his lack of training.

He adds that he is vulnerable because he is not yet accustomed to Ultra Instinct as a Super Saiyan. As the chapter progresses, Vegeta and Goku learn why Granola is so enthusiastic about killing the Saiyans. They also find out how Macchi and Oil lure them into this trap.

Chapter 74 of “Dragon Ball Super” will be released on July 20th. Manga Plus And Viz..

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Vegeta’s Turn To Fight The Cerealian Source link Vegeta’s Turn To Fight The Cerealian

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