US Olympic Athletes Detail Anti-Asian Racism

Asian-American athletes hoping to represent the United States at this year’s Olympics will share a personal story of racist abuse on Wednesday and raise their awareness in the fight against discrimination. I vowed to use the platform.

The United States has experienced a surge in anti-Asian violence over the past year, with activists attributed to former President Donald Trump’s rhetoric, which repeatedly characterized Covid-19 as a “Chinese virus.”

At a media event in Team USA, Korean-born gymnast Yuru Moldauer and Sakura Kokumai, a Japanese traditional female karate index, both detail their recent experience of anti-Asian racism.

Adopted by a Colorado family at the age of one, Moldauer said he had dealt with racist jokes and stereotypes throughout his life and usually chose to “just push them away.”

The 24-year-old said his recent experience of racism happened while driving a car. “Last month I was driving and a woman cut me off,” he said. “And in the light she pulled up and yelled at me.’Go back to China.’

“When I heard those words, I laughed and shrugged,” Moldauer added. “After all, my job is to represent this country no matter what.

“If an individual feels he needs to harass me or say something, I’ll push it away, because there are many other great Americans I can represent. is.”

28-year-old Kokumai, who will appear in the Olympics for the first time after karate makes his Olympic debut, was suffocated after saying he had been racistly abused last week.

American Olympic karateka Kokumai Sakura says she will use her platform to raise awareness of violence against Asian Americans
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“I was training in the park and a man started harassing me with words,” Kokumai said. “I was a little shocked. At that time, it was still in process and there was no point in making the situation worse, so I laughed.

“There was a racial slur at the end of the case. I’m still a little emotional about it.”

Kokumai and Moldauer’s remarks came a few days after the US Olympic snowboarding champion Chloe Kim revealed daily through social media that he was being racistly abused.

Meanwhile, Moldauer said he plans to use his profile to draw attention to anti-Asian violence in the United States.

“With the plate form I have, I’m definitely going to use it,” he said. “That’s who I am and what I want to be. I’m not trying to make anyone sorry or merciful to me. I’m just trying to raise awareness.”

Kokumai said her experience is incomparable to the violent attacks on Asians that have recently become a national headline in the United States.

“People are beaten, people are killed, people are killed,” Kokumai said.

“We are targeted and violence and harassment are real.

“I want everyone to realize that this can happen. We need to be there for each other and protect each other.”

US Olympic Athletes Detail Anti-Asian Racism Source link US Olympic Athletes Detail Anti-Asian Racism

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