US man charged with hate crime after attack on Asian woman

The man, who had been paroleed after his mother was killed, was charged with a brutal attack on an older Asian woman because bystanders did nothing.

The perpetrator, who was accused of beating an Asian woman on the ground and kicking her head while the onlookers did nothing, was remanded in his proceedings in the Manhattan Criminal Court Wednesday night.

Brandon Elliott, 38, was charged with two charges Second assault One count of assault attempts in the first degree as a hate crime and as an attack prosecutor’s hate crime “Not provoked by violence” Because they asked him to stay behind the bar.

“Around 11:40 am on Monday, when the defendant approached her on the street, cursed her, told her she didn’t belong here, called her Asian, and kicked her chest, the victim was in the church. I was on my way to, slamming her on the ground and trampling her head, “district attorney Courtney Rasner told Judge Paul McDonnell.

“The victim was taken to the hospital because of a pelvic fracture and head and body contusion. She was hospitalized for more than a day.”

Elliott allegedly ridiculed her on the sidewalk in Midtown, saying, “You don’t belong here, you’re Asian.”

Elliott’s public defender responded nothing during the five-minute brief proceeding, except confirming that he would book a bail application.

Elliott, who attended the charges through a video conference, answered “yes” to some of Judge McDonnell’s questions, but was silent otherwise. He will return to court on April 5th.

“Mr. Elliott has been accused of brutally pushing, kicking and trampling after telling her 65-year-old mother that she doesn’t belong here,” said district attorney Cyrus Vance. Said in a statement made.

“Clarify, this brave woman belongs here. Asian-American New Yorkers belong here. Everyone belongs here. Asian-American attacks on New Yorkers It’s an attack on all New Yorkers, and my office continues to face all forms of hatred. ”

Elliott, who lives in a hotel in Midtown that doubles as a homeless haven, spent nearly 20 years in a northern prison before the attack on Monday.He was convicted of murder Kill his mother He had a kitchen knife in front of his 5-year-old sister at their Bronx home in 2002 when he was 19.

The convicted murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment, but was released on parole for life in 2019, state correctional officials said earlier.

Despite witnesses seeing what he was doing, the video of his attack on the woman became viral and angered nationwide. No one set foot To help the victims.

Elliott was arrested by the New York Police Department early Wednesday morning.

Additional report by Tamar Lapin and Rebecca Rosenberg

This article was originally published NY post Reproduced with permission

US man charged with hate crime after attack on Asian woman Source link US man charged with hate crime after attack on Asian woman

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