US Government set to reveal UFO secrets

The Pentagon is forced to open and scrutinize the X-Files, following a hint from Trump that the ET is there.

A 180-day countdown has begun to reveal what the Pentagon and espionage agencies know about UFOs.

It was after US President Donald Trump signed a $ 2.3 trillion ($ 4.14 trillion) COVID-19 bailout and government funding bill on Sunday. American sun..

Thanks to the legislation contained in the bill, federal agencies are required to publish their reports within the next six months.

This provision was not included in the body of the law on page 5593, but was included as a “committee comment” attached to the Annual Intelligence Act.

The Senate Intelligence Committee, chaired by Republican Senator Marco Rubio, provides a detailed analysis of “unidentified phenomenological data” in the restricted airspace of the United States, as well as the data and information collected or held by the US Navy Intelligence Service. I requested the report to include.

The report includes an analysis of the potential threat posed by “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena to National Security” and an assessment of whether this unidentified aerial phenomenon activity could be attributed to one or more foreign enemies. Must also be included.

The request comes after the US Department of Defense released three Navy videos in April showing pilots interacting with UFOs.

The clip showed three separate incidents related to “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon,” including the famous “Tic Tac” video. One is November 2004 and two are January 2015.

And at the end of the April press conference, Mr. Trump called the footage a “video halo.”

Later that year, in an interview with his son Don Jr. on the television show Triggered, he answered questions about Roswell. UFO enthusiasts believe that an alien spacecraft crashed in 1947.

He said: “I’m not going to tell you what I know about it, but it’s very interesting.”

Meanwhile, when the former CIA director commented on a shocking declassified video showing the infamous “Tic-Tac” UFO near a U.S. Navy ship, he believed that there was no other life form other than Earth. I said I was wrong.

In a podcast, John Brennan said it was “arrogant and arrogant” that people and governments believed that the creatures found on Earth were the only living things in the universe.

“Some of the phenomena we will see remain unexplained and may in fact be some sort of phenomenon that is the result of something we do not yet understand. I think, “Brennan said.

“And it can involve some kind of activity, which may be said to constitute a different form of life,” he said.

It comes after a leaked Pentagon photo of a mysterious “silver cube” floating over the Atlantic Ocean has caused fear of aliens who may live in the ocean.

The Ministry of Defense’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force has published two categorized intelligence “location reports.” One is 2018 and the other is last summer, “the report reported.

The cockpit photo appears to be included in the 2018 Position Report showing the “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon”, the UAP.

This story first appeared on the American Sun and has been reproduced with permission.

US Government set to reveal UFO secrets Source link US Government set to reveal UFO secrets

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