US expat baffled by ‘fancy’ Australian McDonalds McCafe section

An American woman talked about a confused time trying to order two popular American McDonald’s items.

One of the characteristics of fast food restaurants is that their food is supposed to be the same no matter where you are.

However, one American woman discovered that the rules did not always apply to McDonald’s. She recalls the moment she learned that two of her favorite breakfast items weren’t here.

Tik Tok Star Kaymie Wuerfel With over 237,000 followers, she shares a video explaining her culture shock since she moved to Australia from Florida, USA.

In a video posted this week, Ms. Wuerfel said she failed to order Macca’s breakfast.

“Can you give me bacon, eggs and cheese biscuits?” She asked a Macca employee who was confused by her request.

“Sorry, we don’t really have that option,” the worker replied, urging Ms. Wülfel to ask for a McGriddle of bacon, eggs, and cheese.

But this was even more confusing, with Macca workers saying, “I don’t know what McGriddles are.”

“It’s like two mini pancakes with syrup sandwiched between bacon, eggs and cheese,” Wuerfel replied.

“Yeah, it sounds like a super-American, we don’t have it,” the worker replied before asking Wuerfel if she wanted to get anything from the McCafé section. I did.

Later, Ms. Wuerfel realized that McDonald’s McCafé wasn’t just a drink, it was all the other food menus.

“It’s a complete cafe menu,” she said of the “breakthrough” discovery. “You also have macaroons.”

Wuerfel’s video has more than 300 comments, saying that many Australians have never heard of breakfast biscuits or McGriddles.

“OK Google Eggs and Bacon Biscuits-Does It Look Like a Scone?” One commented.

Some insisted that they should “read the menu” before ordering, while others sympathized with her situation.

“I was very confused when I first set foot in McDonald’s in the United States,” another said. “I was staring at the menu vaguely. I don’t know!”

“I’m from Canada. I went to California once, but I didn’t know what the bacon and egg McMuffin were,” commented one person.

“We had to teach them how to assemble it.”

On the other hand, some argued that McCafé’s offering of McCafé was very Australian for one reason.

“Australian hated American-style coffee at McCafé, so McDonald’s had to introduce McCafé,” wrote one.

“McCafé is like a flashy side of McDonald’s,” another comment said.

American expatriates blown away by Australian fast food

Not the first video Wuerfel made about Australian fast food with TikTok stars Earlier, McDonald’s said down under was much better..

In a TikTok video, she explained how she preferred Macca over the American version because “food quality” was so much better.

“I didn’t eat much in the US because I really feel like I’m dying when I eat McDonald’s in the US,” said Wuerfel.

“And I know this is probably not that good, but it’s very good.

“I’m eating those chicken macpieces and dropping frozen cola. The last thing in my heart is my health-that’s probably bad.”

Another U.S. expatriate @sophiainsydneyOriginally from Los Angeles but now living in Sydney, KFC said it tastes “more fresh here.”

“This is the first time I’ve tried KFC in Australia,” Sophia said. Said in the video..

“I swear that Australian fast food is much better than American fast food, because the quality of the food is much better, as you can see in the photos and videos.”

US expat baffled by ‘fancy’ Australian McDonalds McCafe section Source link US expat baffled by ‘fancy’ Australian McDonalds McCafe section

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