US Capitol locked down over security threat after car rams police officers

The US Capitol was forced to blockade today after a car crashed into police and before the driver appeared wielding a knife.

The US Capitol complex was suddenly closed today in response to an “external security threat” after a car crashed into two police officers.

Shortly after 1:00 pm local time, Parliamentary staff received a text message from police informing them of the blockade.

“External security threats, no entry or exit. Keep away from external windows and doors. If you are outside, ask for a cover,” said the first reported message. .. NBC Jake Sherman..

The same message was relayed by voice announcement throughout the complex.

“Due to external security threats, we are not currently allowed access to any of the Parliament buildings,” he said.

On-site reporters noticed the large presence of first external responders and law enforcement agencies, including a helicopter landing in the eastern front of the complex.

They also found a blue car that appeared to have hit a barrier on the Senate side of the building.

A barricade was built throughout the Capitol as an additional layer of security after former President Donald Trump’s supporters attacked the building on January 6, killing five people.

At 1:30 pm, Parliamentary police issued a statement that the vehicle had collided with two police officers who were taken to the hospital with the suspect.

“USCP is responding to a North Barricade vehicle access point along Constitution Avenue for reports that someone has thrust a vehicle into two USCP officers,” the Capitol Police said in a statement. ..

“The suspect has been detained. Both officers have been injured. All three have been taken to the hospital.”

According to Fox News, The suspect left the car with a knife after a ramming attack. At that point police shot him.

“Man, we just shot someone,” the police told the network.

After 2:00 pm, US media reported that the suspect had died.

Congress is currently adjourned, meaning that representatives and senators were not present in the case. A security checkpoint attacked by a vehicle is usually where the senator enters the complex by car or on foot.

Leading politicians have issued statements expressing their concerns.

“I’m praying for Capitol police officers attacked in Capitol,” said Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.

“We are still learning what is happening. Thanks to all the USCPs and first responders in the field.”

I will come more.

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US Capitol locked down over security threat after car rams police officers Source link US Capitol locked down over security threat after car rams police officers

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