United Airlines Adds International Flights

United Airlines (UA). Presentation A transatlantic route will be added to the list on Thursday, Spring 2022.

Patrick Kiel, Senior Vice President of International Networks and Alliances at United, said: Press release. “Our expansion offers the widest range of destinations to discover – not only introducing new, trendy locales that customers love, but also adding flights to iconic and popular cities. increase.”

United will add 10 flights to 5 locations (Amman, Jordan) that are not operated by major airlines. Norway, Bergen; Azores, Portugal; Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Quale called the destination a “hard-to-reach place.”

United Airlines has also announced that it will add flights to five major European destinations: Berlin, Dublin, Milan, Munich and Rome.

Chicago-based airlines also have flights suspended by pandemics-Bangalore, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Zurich, Nice, France.

This move is due to the international travel restrictions associated with pandemics, which have led US-based airlines to focus primarily on domestic travel. United previously said that the coming summer may be the busiest trip across the Atlantic ever.

The Biden administration is expected to soon ease the travel ban that prevented some European travelers from entering the United States.

As of Thursday at 11:15 am EST, United Airlines’ share price was $ 48.10, up to $ 0.20, or 0.44%.

United Airlines looks forward to profits in the second half of 2021, but states that a full recovery will not occur until 2023.

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