UN Votes On Vaccine Equity Resolution: Diplomats

According to diplomats, the UN Security Council voted on a resolution to improve the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine in conflict-affected and poor countries.

The draft obtained by AFP emphasizes the “urgent need for solidarity, fairness and efficacy” in the fight against pandemics in countries with restricted access to vaccines.

The vote requested by the United Kingdom was held in writing for 24 hours due to the pandemic restrictions of the parliamentary meeting. The results will be revealed on Friday, according to diplomats.

Negotiations on the wording of the resolution took a week and were delayed by Russia and China, which are currently in close ties with Britain.

Britain, which held a ministerial-level meeting on vaccines at the council on February 17, unanimously approved the resolution as a sign that the international community is moving towards greater unity in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. I want it.

The draft seen by AFP “calls for the donations of vaccine doses from developed and all those in a position to do so to low- and middle-income countries and other countries in need.”

He also called for stronger national and multilateral approaches and international cooperation to promote equitable and affordable access to the Covid-19 vaccine in armed conflict situations, post-conflict situations and complex humanitarian emergencies. I am. “

The United Nations says that about 160 million people live in such situations.

If passed, this will be the second resolution of the Council on Pandemics.

The first, approved in July last year, called for a ceasefire in the war zone to facilitate the fight against the pandemic.

The UK is pushing for a UN Security Council resolution calling for improved access to vaccines in conflict-affected and poor countries
AFP / Ludwig Marine

Due to tensions between the United States and China, the resolution required more than three months of negotiations before it was finally approved.

The new draft calls on Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to carry out frequent assessments of obstacles to access to vaccines.

It also calls on Member States to take steps to prevent the speculation and storage of vaccines, especially to ensure access to vaccination in conflict zones.

Last week, Guterres said the world “urgently needs a global vaccination program” to stop the wealthy nations from leaving the poor in a coronavirus counterattack.

“Everyone with the necessary power, scientific expertise, production and financial capacity” needs to participate in the global vaccine program, Guterres told the council.

According to Guterres, 75% of all vaccine doses given worldwide to date have been given in only 10 countries, while 130 have not been vaccinated at all.

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UN Votes On Vaccine Equity Resolution: Diplomats Source link UN Votes On Vaccine Equity Resolution: Diplomats

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