Ultenic T10 Robotic Vacuum/Mop Review

Who is the Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner / Mop for?

  • The· Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner / Mop Great for people who want to keep their home clean but don’t have the time to do it themselves
  • T10 cleans when needed, according to your schedule
  • The T10 can virtually handle itself on a vacuum charging and emptying base.

We live in a world that always looks like we’re on the go, even during a pandemic. Housework can often get lost as you have more and more responsibility to do and take care of.With Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner / MopCleaning the floor is one chore that can be easily cleaned up. The Ultenic T10 not only maps and cleans the floor of the entire living area on its own, but also automatically emptys your trash can for easy cleaning.

Detailed app

I usually hate devices where the app needs to work, but the Ultenic app is very detailed and completely needed to access all the apps. T10Function of. And it has a lot of features.

The most basic is the automatic cleaning mode.This is the first thing to do Ultenic T10 Is used to fully map the surrounding area during cleaning. The mapping function of T10 is explained in detail below.

The lower right spoke is my office chair

You can also use the app to select a specific area of ​​your house for cleaning or select a cleaning mode. Ultenic T10, You can operate the T10 with the remote control and adjust the settings. There is also an app menu that shows a countdown until certain parts, such as filters and brushes, need to be replaced. It’s not the most attractive and user-friendly app out there, but the Ultenic app does get the job done.

Perhaps the best use of the Ultenic app is its scheduling capabilities.Is possible to run Ultenic T10 You can even vacuum a specific area of ​​your house at a specific time, or even at a specific time. It’s pretty nice to be able to run T10 at 3am and set it to wake up to a clean floor.

Incredible mapping ability

When used for the first time Ultenic T10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner / Mop, I was amazed at its ability to plan my apartment. The T10 has a large number of lasers and sensors, so as you move through space, it creates a map of where your walls and furniture are. It was really cool to see my apartment scanned in real time with the Ultenic app, especially in terms of how accurate it was. The T10 even called the spokes of my office chair.

You can specify the area of ​​the map as a room

Even more impressive Ultenic T10 When my entire apartment was completed, it automatically disassembled the map it created into separate rooms with some accuracy. This breakdown allows the user to instruct the T10 to clean certain areas and ignore other areas. The boundaries of these rooms can also be edited and modified via the app to get things the way you want.

But how does it get clean?

All apps and mapping features in the world Ultenic T10 The original purpose of cleaning cannot be achieved. Thankfully, the T10 is more than can pick up a little mess to get my apartment in order. I certainly don’t just rely on the T10 to keep the apartment clean, especially in the event of great turmoil, but the T10 is great for keeping clean floors and making regular corrections.

There are several ways Ultenic T10 I will actually clean it. The most obvious when looking at the T10 is the multi-faceted brush that sticks out from the side. This brush helps the T10 get into the corners and clean along the walls. The brush pushes out all the dust and debris under the T10, and the second brush scoops it off the ground. This second brush is a wide brush with both bristles and rubber fins that can pick up almost anything.

Bottom of T10

These two brushes work well together, but both can be covered with hair. Even after using it once, a lot of hair was caught on both brushes. Ultenic recommends cleaning both brushes once a week, which is probably intended for daily use. Anyway, you definitely need to clean up the brushes on a regular basis to some extent.

The· T10 It’s great for picking up small and medium particles on the ground, but there’s also a mop mode that you can use by clicking on the mop pad on the underside of the vacuum cleaner. The T10 has a water chamber to use when wiping with a mop, but it does not contain soap. When I saw the T10 crawl around the apartment in mop mode, I remembered a slug. Both leave a wet road behind when moving. However, this water trail dries fairly quickly, so you don’t have to worry about the floor getting wet.

Like vacuum mode, mop mode is enough to keep the floor clean, but I’m not going to make a call T10 To quickly clear up large spills and turmoil.

Base station without T10 instead

The· Ultenic T10 There is one main wheel for maneuvering and two large wheels that move around. These large wheels are ideal for climbing over the edges of carpets and bumps where the floor transitions from hardwood to tiles and linoleum. At the bottom of the T10 there is also a sensor that prevents you from falling down the stairs or crossing steeper edges.

Probably the most useful feature Ultenic T10 has is the automatic dump mode. After cleaning, the T10 knows how to return to the charging dock, but the dock provides more than electricity to charge. When docked, the T10 will automatically empty the trash can directly into the base bag. This means that you don’t have to remove the Trash every time to empty the T10.

The T10 is the same size as any other robot vacuum currently available.

The only drawback of automatic dump mode is the loud time T10 In the case of a dock, the dock makes a very loud vacuum cleaner-like sound as it sucks all the debris out of the T10. This loud noise lasts for about 15 to 30 seconds, so it definitely stands out. This loud suction can be detrimental to anyone who wants to perform T10 while sleeping, but if the owner wants to keep things quiet, the app can change the frequency of automatic dumps of T10. ..

The dust bag is just below the top flap of the base station

The· T10 Battery life was fairly stable and I vacuumed the entire apartment, but battery life dropped to 78%. It took less than an hour to run. If the area that needs cleaning is large and the T10’s battery runs out, recharging it will restore the vacuum from where it left off.

Potential problems when using Ultenic T10 Although not monitored, the T10 can have problems during cleaning. This includes getting tangled in the cord or getting caught on the edge of the carpet. The T10 is pretty good at staying in motion and free of obstacles, and it definitely outperforms other robot vacuums I’ve used in the past, but sometimes I get caught in something. I will end up. This can be solved by simply removing the potential danger from the floor, but in reality there is a power strip filled with electrical plugs that can’t go anywhere, and to make sure the T10 is still working, the T10 You may need to monitor in anticipation of.

Unnecessary remote

The· Ultenic T10 It comes with a remote control that allows the user to activate many features. However, the remote does not have the Ultenic app functionality. The remote control also doesn’t have a screen, so it’s not easy to tell the T10 where to clean. If you’re using the app, you don’t need a remote control at all.

T10 Remote lacks most of the features of the app

One of the benefits of using a remote is that you don’t need a remote. T10 Set in the app. This is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have WiFi or a smart device to run the app. However, this also means that users are very limited in what they can do with the T10.

Final idea

With dozens of different products I’ve reviewed, I’m rarely as surprised as I was. Ultenic T10Mapping ability. It was amazing to see it build my apartment digitally in real time. The T10 is also cleaning up at the same time, and when it automatically returns to charging, it empties and I’m a big fan.

The· Ultenic T10 It’s incredibly neat, innovative and easy to use. The only real drawback is that it can be a bit bigger and there is a pointless remote. Those interested in getting the Ultenic T10 may want to act somewhat quickly as Vacuum is currently receiving a $ 100 discount. Amazon..

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