UK Still Plans In-person ‘Last Chance’ COP26 Climate Summit

The UK plans to host a face-to-face global climate summit in Glasgow later this year, despite the pandemic, the event president said Friday, a planet to avoid the catastrophe. Called “the last hope” of.

From November 1st to 12th, COP26 will bring together climate negotiators from 196 countries and the European Union, along with companies, experts and world leaders in Scottish cities.

As the coronavirus continues to devastate countries around the world, there is growing speculation that a groundbreaking summit (the largest climate negotiation since the 2015 Paris negotiations) could effectively take place.

Some are afraid that a group of representatives will not be able to attend directly due to an outbreak.

However, British lawmaker and COP26 President Alok Sharma said in a keynote speech on Friday that the event would end six months and that the British government would stick to holding a physical rally.

“What I want is to hear clearly and loudly from governments and communities around the world,” said a wind farm near Glasgow.

COP26 brings together climate negotiators from 196 countries and the EU, along with experts and world leaders.
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“So we are planning a physical summit where ensuring the safety of community representatives is paramount.”

Sharma added that the organizers are looking for “as much Covid security measures as possible” (including tests and vaccines) and will “soon” share the plan.

COP26 was originally scheduled for November 2020, but has been postponed due to a pandemic.

In a broad speech explaining Britain’s priorities at the summit, Sharma warned that it must be the moment when all nations unite around a firm plan to keep temperatures below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Scientists say that further increases cause uncontrollable climate change.

Temperatures above 1.5 degrees Celsius cause uncontrollable climate change

Temperatures above 1.5 degrees Celsius cause uncontrollable climate change

It is also “our best chance to build a brighter future. A future of green jobs and cleaner air,” he added.

COP26 leaders warned that the world is not yet on track to limit global warming to 2C, not to mention the 1.5C figure agreed in the Paris Agreement.

The agreement, which was signed more than five years ago, has heightened green ambition by promising countries to resubmit their emission reduction plans (called NDCs) every five years.

However, many of the largest emitters have not been able to do so so far, and countries have not even agreed on a unified rulebook that defines how the Paris Agreement actually works.

The United Nations states that emissions need to be reduced by nearly 8% each year to maintain 1.5C. This corresponds to emissions saved each year through 2030 during a pandemic.

Sharma said she asked her daughters what message to send to the leaders attending the meeting.

“Their reaction was simple:’Tell them to choose a planet,'” he added.

Adapting natural habitats to address the effects of climate change and “mobilizing climate funding” will be one of November’s priorities, Sharma said.

Friday’s speech focused specifically on the world’s dependence on coal.

“The era of coal, which provides the cheapest form of electricity, is a thing of the past,” Sharma warned.

“The coal business, as the UN Secretary-General said, is engulfed in smoke. It’s an old technology.

“Now let’s create COP26 the moment we move away from where it used to belong, while helping workers and communities transition.”

However, the British government has been caught up in controversy and double standard criticism over plans for a deep coal mine in northwest England.

Despite the initial approval, the plan was put on hold, but environmentalists were furious at the minister, who showed that he could allow the drilling of new North Sea oil and gas.

UK Still Plans In-person ‘Last Chance’ COP26 Climate Summit Source link UK Still Plans In-person ‘Last Chance’ COP26 Climate Summit

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