UK Hopes Climate Change Can Warm Frosty Biden Ties

From his “racist comments” to the image of a populist, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is despised in Joe Biden’s camp. But Britain hopes that climate change measures will be the trump card to save a “special relationship” with the United States.

“The United States is our closest and most important ally, and it goes from president to president, from prime minister to prime minister,” Johnson said in a broadcast interview on Sunday.

“It won’t change,” he insisted despite the bad blood of the past.

“And we look forward to working with President Biden and his team to do many things that are important to us in the coming weeks and months, including climate change, trade and international security efforts. I am doing it. “

Still, the ambiguity of the Irish-American president-elect over Britain after the Democratic Party declared victory over Donald Trump was explained in a viral video shared by a BBC reporter in Washington on Saturday.

“BBC? I’m Irish!” Biden smiled in a video from January, ignoring the British reporter’s plea to ask questions.

The tone was a joke, but Biden’s dissatisfaction with Johnson has been recorded after the Prime Minister introduced Brexit-related legislation that both Dublin and key US Democrats could undermine peace in Northern Ireland.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson may find climate variability measures, his trump card to save a “special” relationship with the United States under President Joe Biden
United Nations / Manuel Elias

In September, Biden could forget expectations of a U.S. trade deal after Britain’s exit from the EU came into full force on January 1 if Northern Ireland became a “victim” of EU divorce. I warned that there was.

When Johnson approached his general election victory last December, Biden showed his own contempt for describing Conservative politicians as Trump’s “physical and emotional clones.”

The prime minister has praised Trump in the past, and as France and Germany paved the way for Biden’s door, the long road to his provocative comments came back and plagued him.

Biden was Vice President of Barack Obama when Johnson wrote in 2016 that he was anti-British because of his “part of Kenya” heritage and “disgust of the British Empire’s ancestors.”

Johnson is now trying to make amends and was one of the first European leaders to post his congratulations after the US network called for Biden’s competition.

The Irish-American presidential election, Joe Biden, warned that Britain could forget its expectations of a US trade deal after Northern Ireland came into full force on January 1. "casualties" EU divorce

If Northern Ireland becomes a “victim” of Brexit, Britain can forget its expectations of a U.S. trade agreement after Brexit comes into force on January 1st. US President-elect Joe Biden warned.

However, former Obama aide Tommy Vietre despised in response to Johnson’s warm words on social media.

“The creep that changes this shape weighs heavily,” Vietor tweeted. “We will never forget your racist comment on Obama and his slavic dedication to Trump, but it’s a neat Instagram graphic.”

Still, in terms of policy, Britain is far in line with Biden and its European allies on climate variability, Iran, Russia and NATO’s collective defense.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab will work with the Biden administration on the Covid-19 pandemic as Britain prepares to take over the G7 presidency next year and host COP 26, the next global climate policy rally of the United Nations. I was expecting.

Biden vowed to quickly rejoin the United Nations Paris Agreement on Climate Change after Trump abandoned it.

Ironically, the coronavirus pandemic may have diplomatically supported Johnson. The COP 26 meeting was scheduled to take place in Glasgow this week, but was postponed to November 2021.

Therefore, Johnson expects Biden to come directly to Glasgow to strengthen the Paris Agreement and avoid the prospect of a runaway temperature rise, rather than addressing the United States, which denies Trump-led climate change. I can.

The United Kingdom inherits the G7 presidency from the United States, and Senator Chris Coons, a close ally of Biden in Delaware, believes “it’s an opportunity to present the world with a joint platform for our vision of climate change.” ..

“The special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom has been going on for decades,” he told the BBC in an interview broadcast on Sunday. “We have more to do together than we can do separately.”

The Biden campaign banned all contact with foreign governments, a legacy of allegations surrounding Trump’s deal with Russia, but Raab procured talks with Coons when he visited Washington in September.

The Foreign Minister, who was also interviewed on Sunday at the BBC, welcomed Coons’ words, emphasizing climate variability in the factors linking London to Biden, along with trade and national intelligence and security alliances.

Mr. Raab said Johnson will be in contact with Mr. Biden “soon”, but there is no guarantee that Britain will be the first among the many leaders currently demanding to call in the presidential election. ..

UK Hopes Climate Change Can Warm Frosty Biden Ties Source link UK Hopes Climate Change Can Warm Frosty Biden Ties

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