UK Climate Protesters Halt Road-Blocking Disruption in London

British climate activists have stopped a five-week road blockade protest in London until October 25, giving Prime Minister Boris Johnson 10 days to begin working on their request to insulate their homes.

Members of British Insulation I sent an open letter Confusion on Thursday urging Johnson to insulate “all 29 million leaked homes in the UK by 2030, and all social homes by 2025” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Apologized.

“British insulation wants to take this opportunity to take a deeper look at the turmoil that has occurred in the last five weeks,” the group said in a letter. “I can’t imagine doing that under normal circumstances, but we have to face the dire reality of our situation.”

The group has been causing turmoil on highways and congested roads in and around London since September 13, leading to the arrest of dozens of people.They decided to take a 10-day break to give the government time to consider that request, a group spokesman. Said to the guardian..

“We encourage you to make a meaningful statement that we can trust … your government will take the initiative needed to insulate and refurbish our homes.” The group stated in the letter.

Increasing pressure from British insulation occurs as world leaders prepare to meet in Glasgow on October 31st. United Nations Climate Summit Known as COP26.

As the day of the summit approaches, environmental groups New report on climate crisis released Some leaders are working on new strategies Regaining global confidence in climate change measures..

UK Climate Protesters Halt Road-Blocking Disruption in London Source link UK Climate Protesters Halt Road-Blocking Disruption in London

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