Two more positive cases in SA after record day of testing

The South Australian COVID cluster grew to 14 after two more new positive cases were recorded overnight. Tenafet Creek Wine “Superspreader” exposure site-after state-wide record testing.

Prime Minister Stephen Marshall told reporters at the COVID-19 press conference this morning that two new positive cases today visited One Tree Hill’s Tenafate Creek wine exposure site from 1:45 pm to 4:30 pm on Sunday. He said he was a brother and sister in his twenties. ..

He said two new cases were detected after 17,592 test results were provided yesterday.

After five incidents on Wednesday afternoon, there are now seven positive cases related to basement doors, which state chief public health professor Nicola Sparia called “superspreader.” Declared to be an exposed site.

The Modbury Cluster has now grown to 14 cases, with approximately 4000 out of a total of 13,610 visitors to the exposed site being quarantined.

New cases are expected to increase the number of exposed sites in South Australia beyond the current 71 locations. Brothers and sisters are interviewed by contact tracers to determine if they were in the community during the infection.

Their parents were also eating with the pair at the basement door, but the test was negative.

Spurrier said the seven positive cases associated with the winery were not related to each other, but they were all eating indoors.

“We need to find out if there was (and) an outdoor dining area where CCTV footage will be available,” she said.

Of the 125 people who visited the Tenafeate Creek Wines exposure site, only 34 were tested.

The Greek on Halifax restaurant in CBD, Adelaide, another area of ​​greatest concern, was visited by 91 people during the period of concern, but only 50 have been tested so far. ..

There is only one positive case associated with a modberry cluster, and a man in his 80s who has begun to develop the infection is hospitalized.

The rest is quarantined at the Tom’s Court Medi Hotel, a designated positive case facility.

Overnight, SA Health listed more than 12 new exposure sites scattered around Elizabeth, Fairview Park, Holden Hill, Seacliffe, Sally Downs, Evanston, Greenwith, Modbury and Golar.

The new location is the Casa Bambini Child Care Center in the southern suburbs of Seacliff, connecting with children infected with the virus in Halifax Greek, and also Greenwis Elementary School.

Marshall said it was “too early to say” whether South Australia would extend the seven-day blockade, but today’s low number of cases is “very encouraging.”

“But we haven’t left the forest yet. We still have a huge number of test results, and a huge number of people … are now instructing quarantine,” he said.

Sparrier said the new incident, discovered later today, will be announced at a press conference around 11:00 am tomorrow.

SA develops online booking system for COVID testing

State Emergency Coordinator and SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens told ABC Radio Adelaide this morning that the state government is developing a digital booking system to allow people to secure COVID-19 testing in the clinic in advance.

“The Prime Minister’s Office and the Cabinet Office, the Digital Analysis Bureau, are working on a digital booking system that allows people to book time,” Stevens said.

Stevens said he wasn’t sure why the government didn’t develop a digital booking system early.

This happens after a few hours of queuing back to 86 inspection clinics throughout the state. This is because the new exposure site forces thousands of people to perform forced home quarantine and inspection.

People again queued overnight at 24-hour test sites such as Victoria Park, with up to 12 hours of tweet waiting time.

Test the cues at Victoria Park on Thursday morning. Photo: Tony Lewis / InDaily

Marshall thanked the people for their patience and admitted that the test conditions had “extraordinary frustration.”

Authorities expect inspection demand to “flatten” as people who had to be inspected after arriving from New South Wales and Victoria will complete the 14-day quarantine, he said.

“We certainly apologize for the delay,” he said.

“But what we have seen is a surge in demand in a very short period of time.

“The increase in demand completely outweighs the increase in capacity we provided yesterday.

“Today, we hope to regain balance by excluding New South Wales and Victoria cases from the required tests.”

Marshall said the government needs to “tell people better about waiting times.”

The state government has requested the Australian Defense Force to deploy 36 personnel to assist in the wiping of cotton swabs at today’s test sites.

ADF staff is divided into three teams of 12 people.

Marshall told ABC Radio Adelaide that ADF would deploy a “realistic number” of workers “given the medical capabilities they have.”

“Not everyone can just do those swabs-you need a medical education,” he said.

“We are aware of the abilities they have here, and that was a logical requirement.”

“We are pulling all the levers as much as possible to put medical staff at the forefront and rebalance as quickly as possible,” Marshall said.

He said SA Health and SA Pathology staff have been relocated to assist the test site.

SA Health has also opened a new testing site in Lot Fourteen in the city, but its clinic is only for people in need of priority testing.

Marshall said the facility “has no significant capacity limits.”

“It’s about trying to get a streamlined process for these very high-priority cases,” he said.

Shadow Health spokesman Crispicton said the government needs to extend the opening hours of at least five test sites in metropolitan areas.

“At a minimum, the Marshall Liberal Government has confirmed that there are five 24/7 test sites in the process of this blockade so that everyone in need of the test can take the test in a timely manner. You have to, “said Picton.

“Not only is this a terrible situation for people waiting up to 12 hours for testing, but the worst result is that no one comes forward to wait.”

The winery appears to rebound after the “shock” COVID list

Owners of Tenafeate Creek Wines said they were “ravaged” after being listed as a COVID-19 exposure site, and staff are currently quarantined for 14 days.

SA Health listed the One Tree Hill winery as an exposure site on Monday after a positive case on the cellar door from 1:45 pm to 4:30 pm on Sunday.

Michael Costa, a wine maker at Tenafate, the son of winery owner Larry, said the family was angry with their health but overwhelmed by the support of the public.

“”[We’re] It’s pretty positive at the moment, “Costa said. In Daily.

“Thanks to all the support we currently receive, we’re just flooded with phone calls, messages, emails, and Facebook messages. Everyone is very supportive.

“Obviously, it’s out of the control of everyone, we have to follow guidelines and all protocols, and everything from the authorities, and we have to go from there.

“I’m just trying to keep my head high and step by step at a time.”

Authorities are conducting a thorough cleaning of the winery today.

Costa, who was not at the winery on Sunday, said he was contacted by SA Health on Monday about a positive case.

“It was clearly a shock,” he said.

“From there, I had to follow the procedures and protocols, the staff there, everything.”

He says that all “five or six” staff members who worked on Sunday were so far negative and isolated with their parents.

“Our main concern is the safety and well-being of everyone involved. That is what we are overwhelmed by,” Costa said.

“I contacted the accountants and everyone to see what kind of support they could get, especially for the staff.

“We will continue to strive to keep our business running smoothly. [wine] Order, and it’s really one step at a time. “

Marshall said he hopes the public will support the business once the blockade is complete.

“The named exposure site would really feel it at this point,” Marshall said.

“We encourage people to show their kindness to these businesses after we get out of the way so they can get back to normal as soon as possible.”

Over 100 police officers in quarantine

SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens told ABC Radio that “a large number” of officers and other staff had visited the exposure site and are currently under quarantine for 14 days.

He estimates that more than 100 staff members, including up to four policemen at Thebarton Police Station, have been inactive after the site’s staff identified a positive case of “potentially close contact.” did.

“As a normal precaution, the person was sent home. The person they worked for was sent home until they had a COVID test and were confirmed to be negative at work. “Stevens said.

“The barton Barracks service is fine, so everything looks pretty good at this point.”

Victoria, New South Wales has the highest number of daily cases since the Delta outbreak

Victoria recorded 26 new local cases of coronavirus infection per week for the blockade of the entire state.

This is the highest daily total in the state of current outbreaks, following the 22 cases reported Wednesday.

The Victorian Department of Health confirms that all new infections today occur in New South Wales and are currently associated with the current outbreak of a total of 133 highly contagious delta variants.

Meanwhile, NSW recorded 124 new cases overnight – the highest total number of new infections per day since the outbreak in the state began on June 16.

During the infection, there were 48 cases in the NSW community.

– Use AAP

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