Twitter Bolsters Subscription Plans With Ad-free News

Twitter announced on Tuesday that it would buy Scroll and its ad-free news app to enhance its upcoming subscription service and direct funding to journalism in the process.

The global one-to-many messaging platform doesn’t reveal how much it pays for Scroll, which owns the Nuzzel app.

“Scrolling will be a significant addition to the subscription process as we build and shape future subscription services on Twitter,” Twitter product manager Mike Park said in a blog post.

US-based Scroll confirmed the acquisition and apologized to users for being in private beta mode as it will be integrated into Twitter subscription play later this year.

“Scroll is at the heart of a coalition of publishers and platforms building new user experience models that sustainably fund journalism,” CEO Tony Heile said in a blog post.

“At its core is a simple membership that allows people to fund their favorite sites, without having to deal with ads or trackers that don’t.”

According to Scroll, subscribers can visit various websites such as The Atlantic, The Verge, and USA Today to get news articles on “no ads, no dangerous trackers, no clickbait chamboxes.” ..

Twitter is buying Scroll to enhance its subscription plan
AFP / Lionel Bona Venture

News publishers get attention and money in the process.

“As a Twitter subscriber, photos with access to premium features that make it easy to read articles from your favorite news outlets and writer newsletters from reviews. Some of your subscriptions are from publishers who create content and It will be sent to the writer, “says Park.

Twitter has struggled to create a way to make money from a service without interrupting the real-time flow of features-defining posts.

Twitter reported last week that revenue was weaker than expected and user growth was disappointing.

The key figure for “Average number of monetizable daily active users” was 199 million, lower than expected, up 20% from a year ago.

Twitter has struggled to expand beyond its core audience of celebrities, journalists and political leaders, even if it has become an important forum for policy debates.

“People are using Twitter to see and talk about what’s happening,” CEO Jack Dorsey said in a statement.

Despite aiming to be a platform for political discourse, Twitter faces the challenge of tackling false information and abusive content.

Twitter Bolsters Subscription Plans With Ad-free News Source link Twitter Bolsters Subscription Plans With Ad-free News

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