Trump Has Been Impeached For A Second Time. What Happens Now?

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Trump is the first president to be impeached twice.

Democrats move forward with impeachment voting Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday He refused to try to persuade him to call Twenty-fifth Amendment to the US Constitution to remove Trump.

Condemns the origin of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives Playing cards Instigating “lawlessness” dates back a few months. After Biden won the Democratic nomination, Trump by falsely claiming that no rules were allowed to make people more secure in absentee ballots during a pandemic and would encourage fraud by mail voting. , Began to lay the groundwork for opposition to the election. After losing the election, he used a false story to argue that the election was fraudulent and should be overturned. He then pressured and threatened Republican state officials to steal elections for him.

When these Republican officials refused to help Trump, he told members of Congress and his party in Pence to prove Biden’s election during a joint session of Congress on January 6. Pivoted to pressure to refuse.

As part of this pressure campaign, Trump called his supporters to Washington for a rally on January 6, promising to “become wild.” A crowd of Trump supporters gathered at the National Mall, repeatedly lying that Trump had won the election and calling for a march at the Capitol.

“”[Y]Weaknesses will never regain your country, “Trump said. “You must show strength and be strong.”

He added, “If you don’t fight like hell, there will be no country anymore,” and to give “weak” Republicans “the kind of pride and boldness needed to regain our country.” I told the crowd. “.

The Democratic majority of the House Judiciary Committee has released a 76-page impeachment report. Senate tempo, the first three individuals of the presidential succession. “

As the turmoil unfolded, Trump reportedly gladly watched it on television as the riots he created delayed and possibly derailed the proof of the election. He also praised the rebels he inspired as he lightly urged them to go home.

“These are what happens and what happens when the sacred overwhelming victory is stripped very rudely and maliciously from a great patriot who has long been badly mistreated,” Trump tweeted. Did. “Go home peacefully with love. Remember this day forever.”

The House of Representatives impeachment report states: “He must be dismissed as quickly as the Constitution allows. He must also be disqualified to prevent the recurrence of the anomalous threat he presents.”

Will Trump be convicted this time?

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Senator Lisa Murkowski is one of the few Republicans to support the removal of Trump.

At least 17 Republican senators must vote against Democrats and Trump to be convicted in the Senate and win two-thirds of the majority.

When and when the Senate will try to convict the president, and if there are numbers to dismiss Trump, or if he is no longer in office, he will be reappointed. I still don’t know if it’s forbidden.

In context, five Democrats voted to impeach President Bill Clinton. This is the current record of the vote to impeach the president of the same party.

Currently, Republican senators Pat Toomey and Lisa Murkowski are the only new Republicans who have proposed to support the elimination of Trump through impeachment.

Romney also suggested doing so. “There must be meaningful consequences when the president incites an attack on Congress,” Romney said in a statement Monday. Romney remains the only senator in American history to vote to convict the president of his or her own party.

When will the Senate go to trial?

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Protesters from Trump’s first impeachment trial.

The timing of the next stage depends on several factors.

The House of Representatives must decide whether to deliver the impeachment to the Senate shortly after passing the impeachment on Wednesday or to wait until Biden has enough time to enact the presidential agenda.

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell had previously resigned from the Senate until January 19, so the earliest trial will begin on January 20, the day of Biden’s inauguration. To get started early, all 100 senators need to vote in favor of doing so.

However, Democratic leader Chuck Schumer calls on a post-9/11 agreement between the Senate’s two-party leaders to bring him back to the Senate because of a “intervening situation.” I’m considering that. impeachment Experts said the Senate was free to set its own rules and could have a trial in one day if needed.

In another break from the last impeachment effort, the New York Times reported on Tuesday that McConnell was “satisfied” with the impeachment outlook. A colleague who votes for conviction. The attraction is to completely break away from the toxicity of playing cards.

President Biden will be tried in the Senate after taking office. He asked Congress to investigate whether the Senate could “divided” its day-to-day work to spend “half a day and half a day dealing with impeachment,” confirming his appointment and relieving Covid-19. The law has been passed.

Why have impeachment In case of trial Playing cards Is going?

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Go, go, go.

Trump will resign and President Biden will take office on January 20th. However, the crackdown can be used not only to dismiss Trump in the last few days and signal that the president’s actions will have consequences, but also to disqualify him from holding politics. Future office.

Two historical cases, both involving federal judges, reveal that the Senate can vote to do this, and only a simple majority is needed.

Paul Campos, a professor of constitution at the University of Colorado, said that even if the Senate does not convict the President, Senators can vote a second separate vote to prevent him from taking up future positions. Stated.

That means it could be banned by Democrats who control the Senate in late January. Playing cards Because he will run for president in 2024 without the support of a Republican senator.

Playing cards However, Mr Campos said he could challenge such a decision in court. The Supreme Court in 1992 said it would never speculate on a decision on how to handle the Senate. impeachment Minutes.

But other legal experts said the Senate can only prevent Playing cards From holding the office if you first voted to convict him in impeachment trial.

Congressmen also Playing cards Engaged in a “riot or rebellion” under the Fourteenth Amendment to prevent him from running again. This requires a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

After that, two-thirds of each chamber of commerce can vote to lift the ban.

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