‘Top of the medal tally in misogyny’: Olympic boss orders Annastacia Palaszczuk to attend Tokyo ceremony

Brisbane’s 2032 Summer Olympics celebration goes awry as Australian Olympic Committee boss John Coates orders Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek to change plans and attend the opening ceremony in Tokyo. That’s right.

After controversial flight to Japan with Brisbane Mayor Adrian Schrinner and Australian Sports Minister Richard Colbeck to take on the hosting mission, Ms. Parasheck was scheduled to watch the festival from her hotel room on Friday night. ..

However, after Brisbane was officially identified as Australia’s third most hosted city, Coates set the trio straight at a strange press conference.

“You go to the opening ceremony … as I understand, there will be an opening ceremony and a closing ceremony in 2032, and all of you will get along there and go to that traditional part, the opening ceremony. You’ll understand what’s involved, so no one is behind you and hiding in the room, right? “Mr. Coates said.

“Have you ever been to the opening ceremony of the Olympics? I don’t know the protocol, so I think it’s a very important lesson for everyone here.

“The cost of the opening ceremony is about $ 75 to $ 100 million, which is a big challenge for the Organizing Committee.

“It stamps the game.”

Ms. Paraschuk sat silently during Mr. Coates’ speech before saying that no one wanted to offend.

His comments have been widely criticized online, including former soccer player Craig Foster, who tweeted that Coates shot at “the top of Misogyny’s medal tally,” and defender of social equality.

However, the premiere tried to play the annoyance over and over again at ABC News Breakfast on Thursday.

“In my understanding, expectations are high for both AOC President and Vice President of the International Olympic Committee (Coates) and President Thomas Bach (now Brisbane has won the bid). Has been done, “she said. ..

“Without John Coates, this wouldn’t have happened.

“He was able to work with governments at all levels to get us involved in this bid and the business community. His network is absolutely astounding.”

At a media briefing from Tokyo on Thursday, Australian legation director Ian Chesterman said the pair “have great respect for each other,” but admitted that he hadn’t seen the exchange.

“Can you say they know each other well … and I know that the premiere can make a complete decision about what she wants to do,” he said.

Tokyo is facing tremendous financial losses, fans are locked out, and many Japanese oppose the tournament held during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coates said many athletes still see the Olympics as the pinnacle of their sports career, and Tokyo “has a higher rating on Australian television than the Sydney Olympics.”

Organizers want Brisbane games to be cost-neutral. This means there is no additional cost for taxpayers to sell tickets, sponsorship or exceed the $ 4.5 billion budget covered by the IOC.

“This is ultimately a victory for everyone in Queensland,” said Parasheck, who forecasts an economic benefit of $ 17 billion.

“This marks Queensland’s golden age.

“It will be a 10-year investment. It will catalyze change, opportunities … this is the moment we shine.”

Place of origin‘Top of the medal tally in misogyny’: Olympic boss orders Annastacia Palaszczuk to attend Tokyo ceremony

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