‘Too cold for crocs’: freshwater snorkelling in the Daintree rainforest | Australia holidays

According to my tour guide Artemis, sugar cane is “disastrous”, meaning it is in bloom and ripe to cut.

We roam the land of canes and crocodiles on our way to the drift snorkels of the Daintree River, the oldest rainforest in the world.

Miserable? How about the actual river crocodile?

Named after the goddess of hunting, Artemis assures me that the waters of this Mosman River are too cold for Crocs.

Indeed, they inhabit these parts of the northern tropics QueenslandHowever, these ferocious reptiles need to be absorbed in swimming in the sea at most 24 ° C in summer and at worst 16 ° C in winter.

Aren’t they?

Tourists, including myself, standing on the banks of the river in wetsuits on this winter day are not so sane.

Artemis hands us snorkels, masks and red river sleds. This will be the tank for this hilarious journey. We trek through the rainforest with a sleigh that resembles Santa’s reindeer. When it comes to submerging in the refreshing river water, I’m sure Rudolph. Suitable for red nose and clumsiness.

I’m rolling on the rocks of the river in my wetsuit boots, as if I’m stumbling on a cobblestone European path with tipsy heels.

Trekking through the rainforest on a red river sleigh resembles a Santa reindeer. Photo: River drift

Artemis directs us on our journey and reminds us that it is important to “follow the flow” in the river like in life. She ignores our instincts and tells us to “lean” so that we don’t collide or roll when we’re heading for trees or rocks.

This is turning into a motivational speech.

Artemis advises not to touch stinging trees if you do not want to experience intolerable pain. There are many things in this rainforest and river that can kill me before I think of a crocodile.

Stop by the giant mahogany tree and you’ll hear a torrent in the background. Gush? This was not in the pamphlet.

On the riverbank, I desperately look back at Artemis, pointing at the rapids that struck during this heavy rainy season in La Niña.

“We haven’t experienced that, right?” Incredibly please.

“Don’t worry, they’re just level 5 torrents.”

Level 5 torrent? Suddenly my river sled didn’t look so sturdy. She sees a flash of horror on my entire face. “Oops, I mean a torrent of 0.5 meters.”

Exhale like a humpback whale.

Snorkel in the calm section looking for turtles, freshwater fish, water dragons and elusive platypus.

I see fish, a lot of fish. Silver splashes and colored dashes sprinting in and around river logs. You are advised to look below it.

The river alone is home to 45 cm long jungle perch, eastern rainbowfish, Pacific blue eyes, yellow fins and at least eight gobies, one of which is endangered. There are many types of gobies in the river.

Freshwater snorkeling at Daintree, North Queensland, Queensland, Australia.
I’m looking for marine life with a freshwater snorkel. Photo: Darren Jew / Riverdrift

It is said that some Nokohelikabume are named after the serrated shell, but they cannot be found on this trip. Above, the blue Ulysses butterfly flaps like a prima ballerina. It is described in the pamphlet.

Face a torrent as dire as sugar cane, down the river and back to the starting point to begin a frivolous float. Towards the end, we are instructed to give up our worries and relax on our backs, observing the rainforest canopy as we gracefully slide down.

Our two-hour adventure will be a gentle stop.

The closest thing I’ve had to salty all day long is when the margaritas I promised arrived at the heavy edge, I returned to the Palm Cove bar. From crocodile stories to cocktails, I survive and snorkel on another day.


Backcountry Bliss runs twice a day for half a day River drift snorkeling tourHotel transfers are available from $ 120 per adult and $ 395 for a family of four.

Stay in Palm cove – A smaller version of Port Douglas with no sham or price tag – Here Beachfront campsite Start at $ 50 or less per night Paradise on the beach A resort where rooms start at less than $ 300 per night.

The closest airport to Palm Cove is Cairns, which has regular domestic flights from all capitals. There are several shuttle services from Cairns, but the area is best explored by car.

The writer traveled to tropical northern Queensland at his own expense.

‘Too cold for crocs’: freshwater snorkelling in the Daintree rainforest | Australia holidays Source link ‘Too cold for crocs’: freshwater snorkelling in the Daintree rainforest | Australia holidays

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