Toddler Rape Video Allegedly Found In Josh Duggar’s Computer: ‘It’s Inexpressible’

Josh Duggar has been accused of hiding some of the worst child abuse videos on his computer. Australian journalists remembered recently when they visited the place where a video of “horrible” child abuse allegedly found on Dagger’s computer was filmed.

The video titled “Destruction of Daisy” showed the rape of an 18-month-old girl. At a former reality star bond hearing in May, a Homeland Security investigator claimed that an infant rape video was in a file downloaded to Dagger’s computer depicting child sexual abuse. did.

In a recent episode, Australian Broadcasting Corporation correspondent Matthew Carney said, “I’ve covered 25 years for six years and have seen the most horrifying things, but this guy has just made this 18-month-old kid. I’m begging. I can’t express it. “of Law & Crime’s “Dissenting” podcast.

Kearney was one of a group of journalists invited to visit the house where pedophile Peter Scully, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Philippines for trafficking and rape, made a video in 2015.

“That’s why we were taken to this place,” Kearney recalled in a podcast. “It was a very rural place. The house was very rural. It wasn’t an isolated area, but it was very rural. I don’t know what’s going on. […] That is clearly the reason why the location was chosen. The neighbor was far away. It was a big house. They basically turned the attic on the second floor into their kind of dungeon. There they took the victims, and they were a lot. “

Kearney added that memories of the incident still send “cool my spine.”

Scully and Kearney, who described his crime as “evil,” said, “I’ve never seen such an abominable and disturbing thing happen. It was really scary.”

Dagger, who participated in TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting”, arrested During April. A 33-year-old boy was acquitted by a federal grand jury in his home state of Arkansas for receiving and possessing child pornography.

Dagger allegedly molested a babysitter with four sisters in 2002 and 2003 Accused Download file depicting child sexual abuse in May 2019

At a virtual detention hearing on May 3, Homeland Security Special Agent Gerald Falkner said the material involved children between the ages of 18 and 12.he Description The file “is in the worst and worst top 5 I’ve ever had to look up”.

US lawyers opposed Dagger’s bid to move the July 6 trial to 2022, arguing that it was “reasonable” to postpone it for three months. insider It was reported citing a court document submitted on Monday.

Former TLC Personality Defendant Lawyer Submission According to the motion, a motion on June 18 claims that the independent computer forensics experts they hired will take “months” to review multiple devices owned by Dagger.

Dagger’s lawyer also argued that more time was needed to “pursue a particular investigative lead,” based on information that the prosecutor had handed over the discovery, according to a motion.

A federal prosecutor responded Monday by saying that defense experts inspecting devices is “a common practice in computer-based child sexual exploitation cases,” but postponing Dagger’s trial until February 2022. There is no legal or de facto justification. “

In addition, the prosecution called Dagger’s lawyer’s allegations “unnecessary delays,” and three months were “enough time” to examine the device, investigate the prosecution’s findings, and track witnesses. Insisted.

Expression. Former television personality Josh Duggar, 33, was accused of downloading content depicting child sexual abuse in 2019.
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Toddler Rape Video Allegedly Found In Josh Duggar’s Computer: ‘It’s Inexpressible’ Source link Toddler Rape Video Allegedly Found In Josh Duggar’s Computer: ‘It’s Inexpressible’

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