Tina Arena on Studio 10: Star blasts Covid lockdowns

Australian music icon Tina Arena performed a long and extraordinary SmackDown during a live interview at Studio 10.

Australian music icon Tina Arena blamed in an ardent interview for the lack of support given to people in the entertainment industry throughout the pandemic. Studio 10..

Appeared on Friday show for future discussion Young talent time 50th Anniversary Special, host Angelavishop asks how she dealt with her life in her native Melbourne as the most days were blocked in any city in the world on October 4th. I changed my mood.

“I really struggled, and I’m comfortable to say that. Like many, I had a very difficult time. I’m deeply opposed to being trapped – There is too much injustice, “said the arena.

“In Australia, I also hate the difference between sports and art. As an arts community, we now draw a line in the sand and say,’Your double standards are gone,'” she continued.

“Sports are great, but life isn’t just about sports. Life is art and culture … I encourage the arts community to move forward and someone else to start thinking now.”

Bishop said various large-scale music events were suddenly canceled during this pandemic.

“It’s a decisive contempt,” said the arena.

“Sorry, it’s rude and rude and shouldn’t be allowed to play. It never silences the artist. We play an important role in the social fiber of any country. It’s freedom of expression and I fight for it until the day I die. “

Bishop was one of the few recent stage appearances in the arena during the February 2020 Fire Fight Charity Concert for Wildfire Victims in Australia (nationwide in May, which ended shortly before this latest blockade. I paid attention to (other than the tour).

“People seem to forget about the arts community. They are I’m in trouble, “she suggested, and the arena agreed.

“If something goes wrong, the arts community has always lifted their sleeves. We went there and did what we needed. We are very much in that role to help people. I’m happy-that’s our job, “said Arena.

“Now we’re in trouble, is anyone helping us? No. It’s amazing that people fly away and disappear, but to give up all sorts of rewards from selling records. We will soon be asked to work for free.

“Hey? It’s over. It’s done, and now we’re saying that. Stop this ridiculous, ridiculous action. You have to stop.”

The arena ended the interview with a hopeful note, saying her plans for the near future near Bishop would “work.”

“Don’t cancel these tours, everyone in attendance. Please keep your tickets. We need to work and the audience needs a little rest, so in our immediate future, Get back to work as soon as possible. “

The passion of the arena touched the viewers’ hearts.

“Tina Arena is ready to become prime minister.” Tweet One fan.

“That’s what I like about Tina Arena. I’m not afraid to talk about her heart and what it’s like. Someone who cares about sports. Rather, I want to thank the music.” The person said.

“Tina is a clear expression of the feelings of all of us. We are an incredibly resilient community, but we are not exhausted.” Another wrote..

at first “We’re done”: Fans admire Tina Arena’s passionate Studio 10 interview

Tina Arena on Studio 10: Star blasts Covid lockdowns Source link Tina Arena on Studio 10: Star blasts Covid lockdowns

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