TikTok user reveals DM Ben Affleck sent her after Raya match

Ben Affleck’s video went viral after the star tracked a woman who wasn’t comparable to him on Instagram’s exclusive dating app.

Rumors may be swirling that Ben Affleck is hanging out with former Jennifer Lopez, but the actor is now making headlines for another reason.

A woman shared a video on TikTok and explained that she is not comparable to Affleck in the exclusive dating app Raya. She thought it was a fake account.

Nivine Jays Now Viral TikTok Video Read, “Thinking about playing Ben Affleck in Raya, I thought it was a fake, so I didn’t play him and he sent me a video on Instagram.”

No one gave up after 48-year-old actor Nivine’s incomparable Affleck tracked up-and-coming actress Nivine on Instagram and slipped into her DM in a video message.

In the video, Affleck confirms that he is and speaks directly to the camera. That’s me “.

For those who don’t know, Raya is an exclusive dating app. Known as an app for the rich and celebrities.

Candidates must submit an application to use the app – after which they will be placed on the waiting list. All applications require referrals from “trusted sources”.

The Raya website states: “What sets Raya apart is its sense of belonging. It’s a common bond with fellow community members and can manifest itself in many ways.”

Many celebrities are known to use the app.Demi Lovato reveals in documentary Simply complicated After separating from Wilmer Valderrama in 2016, she chose to sign up.

Last year, Drew Barrymore told Andy Cohen that she was also using the app.

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“I did terrible too. I stood up and didn’t match anyone. My friend gave me this kind of bloated and false sense of self-confidence. They said,” You it. You should give it a try. You can do it. It was a car accident, “the star revealed.

Ben Affleck has not commented on the video yet. News comes when the stars are recently drawn And with his ex, Jennifer Lopez. However, Reported by TMZ The former couple are “strictly friends”.

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When faced with the reunion of the paparazzi over the weekend, Affleck was recorded throwing a drink at the photographer.

Affleck and Lopez were engaged in 2002 and are famous for being called “Benifer” by the media. However, they postponed the wedding in 2003 and split up just a few months later. Lopez called this dissolution “probably my first great sorrow.”

TikTok user reveals DM Ben Affleck sent her after Raya match Source link TikTok user reveals DM Ben Affleck sent her after Raya match

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