‘Thymesia’ Gameplay Trailer Shows Fast ‘Sekiro’-Style Combat

The official game trailer for the fast-paced action “Souls” -like game “Thymesia” was recently released, showing off the unique spin of the game in From Software’s respected combat scheme.

2-minute gameplay demo by contributor GameSpot We introduced the dark and desperate world of “Thymesia” and an overview of how the game fights. “”TimesiaIs developed by OverBorder Studio under the Team17 indie game label title.

The game is set in a once-great city ruined by a mysterious and devastating pandemic that turned the local masses into violent madmen and horrific beasts. Players play the role of Corvus, a unique individual whose mission is to find solutions to crises throughout the city.

“Thymesia” is heavily inspired by both “Bloodborne” and “Sekiro” in terms of aesthetics and combat. The plague-stricken Victorian city is somewhat similar to Yarnam, but its combat system combines elements of both games with its own twist.

Thymesia is a future action RPG that was heavily influenced by FromSoftware’s blockbuster titles.
Photo: OverBorder Studios

Combat in “Thymesia” is fast and deadly. Veterans of the “Souls” series will be instantly aware of the game’s combat mechanics and the overall flow of all combat. The Corvus is a skilled and agile fighter that can parry hits like its eponymous “Sekiro” and launch attacks like a Yharnam hunter.

What sets Thymesia apart is its unique implementation of plague power that allows Corvus to shape the energy of the plague into weapons of all kinds, such as pike, sickle, and sword. In the gameplay demo, Corvus showed one instance that blocked the attack and immediately countered with a javelin throw, and another clip showing a large sickle to cut through the enemy.

Epidemic weapons are fueled by combat. Team17 producer Luke Goldspink said in a trailer that the mechanic was inspired by the phlebotomy technique used by plague doctors during the plague era.

Thymesia’s combat style is further refined through the game’s talent tree system, which allows players to customize their playstyle, and is fast and fluid that perfectly combines all the mechanics of the game into a very satisfying experience. You can create a combat system.

The game will be released later this year.

‘Thymesia’ Gameplay Trailer Shows Fast ‘Sekiro’-Style Combat Source link ‘Thymesia’ Gameplay Trailer Shows Fast ‘Sekiro’-Style Combat

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