Thousands of Afghanistan veterans to keep citation medals

Thousands of SAS veterans in the Afghanistan conflict maintain citations of successful units unless convicted of war crimes or dismissed for misconduct. They were all threatened with loss of honor.

Defense Minister Peter Dutton will announce on Monday after Defense Secretary Angus Campbell warned last year that more than 3,000 soldiers could lose citations following reports of war crimes.

“We pay tribute to these young men and women, and they proudly wear unit quote medals,” said Dutton. Australian person Monday prior to Anzac Day on April 25th.

“Approximately 40,000 people praised our country for their service in Afghanistan and Iraq, and I could not be more proud of their sacrifice.”

Dutton will be officially announced later on Monday when he visits the Special Air Service headquarters in Campbell Barracks in Perth.

Unlawful killings and atrocities

In an investigation led by Judge Paul Breleton, SAS units belonging to Afghanistan’s Special Operations Task Group illegally killed 39 civilians and prisoners between 2007 and 2013, killing two cruel. It turned out that it was treated in.

In response, General Campbell warned in November that more than 3,000 SAS soldiers would be stripped of citations in response to allegations.

However, he quickly revealed an answer stating that no decision had been made on how to respond to the report’s recommendations.

Since then, tens of thousands have signed an online petition requiring only veterans convicted of war crimes to revoke citations.

Thousands of Afghanistan veterans to keep citation medals Source link Thousands of Afghanistan veterans to keep citation medals

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