‘Third covid wave’ hits the UK as Delta variant spreads

The situation in the UK, where cases of Delta variants are skyrocketing, is deteriorating, and there is one important statistic that Australians should “worry” about.

The number of cases is skyrocketing nationwide as the “Third Covid Wave” hits the UK and Delta strains continue to take hold. And there are important statistics that experts say Australians should be “worried”.

The number of coronavirus cases across the UK increased by 33,630 to 75,953 in just seven days.

“The number of cases is increasing rapidly nationwide, Delta variant It’s dominant now, “said Jenny Harries, Chief Executive Officer of the UK’s Department of Health and Security.

“It’s encouraging to see that hospitalizations and deaths aren’t increasing at the same rate, but we continue to monitor it carefully.”

According to Public Health England data, the Delta variant currently accounts for 91% of sequenced cases. However, using the latest data, including genotype data with faster turnaround times, 99% of cases are considered to be delta.

Professor Adam Finn, a scientific adviser to the British Government, said: Radio 4 todayThe Delta case number program states: “It’s rising. It may be a little optimistic not to rise any faster, but it’s still rising, so this third wave is definitely underway.

“We can conclude that there is definitely competition between the vaccine program, especially the second dose in the elderly and the third wave of delta variants.”

When asked if he was confident that vaccination could outperform the delta mutant, he answered “no.”

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Professor Tim Spector, chief scientist for a collaborative research app called Zoe and professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, said: Telegraph The case should peak within two weeks.

“Although interest rates in the northwest and Scotland are still rising, we can certainly see signs that they are starting to level off,” said Professor Specter. “London seems to be starting to slow down.

“Looking at how the waves of the past have come and gone, we predict that this will peak in 10-14 days and then begin to fall. Therefore, by four weeks, it will be at a much lower level than it is now. And it’s much easier to manage. “

Scientists say the UK’s new “miniwave” is primarily affecting young people and unvaccinated people, according to data from the Zoe app.

However, statistics show that the most endangered people are protected, and the prevalence of fully or partially vaccinated people has dropped from 89% to 53% in the last few days. I will. Sun Report.

More than 700,000 British people have booked the covid vaccine as the NHS vaccination program has been opened to people over the age of 18.

Warning to Australia?

Experts believe that the amount of travel in the UK is a key factor behind the increase in cases, and that Delta variants have been introduced at least 500 times by travelers. However, according to Dr. Jeffrey Barrett of the Sanger Institute, the actual number can actually exceed 1000. He is analyzing the covid test swab for mutations.

The surge in cases The restrictions were relaxed In rain and cold, more people can stay indoors and the virus can survive outdoors longer.

This is an eerie similar scenario to the one we are currently facing in Australia. Many of the countries were hit by cold waves and more Australians chose to stay indoors during a time when restrictions were very relaxed.

Restrictions are now being reinstated in some parts of New South Wales as authorities are competing to control growth Sydney covid cluster This has risen to 9 since the limousine driver who transported the international crew caused the outbreak.

Dr. Muge Cevik, an infectious disease specialist at the University of St Andrews, said that in countries with low vaccination rates, such as Australia, the delta variant has become the predominant variant in some countries, perhaps with a particularly “worried” outlook around the world. Facing

Despite the recent acceleration of vaccination programs, only 3 percent of Australians are vaccinated against covid. Johns Hopkins University Data..

This is compared to countries with high vaccination rates, including 68 percent in Seychelles, 64 percent in San Marino, 56 percent in Israel, 55 percent in Malta, 53 percent in Bahrain and 52 percent in Mongolia.

By comparison, the percentage in the United States is 46 percent.

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Wales follows the same trend as the UK

Wales, on the other hand, is thought to be only a few weeks behind England and Scotland in increasing case numbers, as Delta variants are also well established.

Mark Drakeford, the first minister BBC In Wales, the proportion of Covid-19 was “sustainable and increasing weekly.” He said there was a “especially sharp rise” in people under the age of 25.

“Wales may be a couple of weeks behind what is happening in England and Scotland, where tens of thousands of cases have been confirmed, and reports of increased hospitalization are widespread,” Drakeford said. Said.

In the midst of the just-recorded devastation of Brazil 500,000 deaths from covid.. The country suffers more than 2,000 daily deaths this week with a population of 210 million.

‘Third covid wave’ hits the UK as Delta variant spreads Source link ‘Third covid wave’ hits the UK as Delta variant spreads

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