They met, isolated together and then they fell in love

She had an online date and found it to be as fun as betting naked on an anthill. Coffee and drinks on the way home are endless, “no chemicals” and you “treat like work”, go to multiple meetings.

In addition to that, she says, there was also the harsh reality of gay dating.

“You’ve come across the same people over the years. So far, it’s a pool of very small people,” says Crotowell. “I logged on and swiped a few times. That wasn’t enough. I want to show it to my straight friends. [dating apps]And they were like, “Oh, that’s right, few people.” “

Then, in mid-March this year, when the first pandemic in 100 years was about to reach our beach, she attended a friend’s wedding when we were all told to keep hell away from each other. did.

Groom Steve said he wanted her because his cousin Olivia was coming from England.

After meeting at a reception at a farm in Orange, New South Wales, 28-year-old Olivia McDonald’s Crotowell said, “We had an immediate chemical reaction.”

“We were talking about all sorts of peanuts and jellies, Crotowell dogs and cats, and Miley Cyrus. We both love Miley.”

After that, there were few signs of care. “I was really hungry and wanted a domino, but nothing was open. She [McDonald] He actually made toast. It was very sweet.

“My friend, he sent me some pictures. There are tons of pictures of us just standing and talking on the dance floor. Waking up in the morning and feeling warm, I remember being really excited. I just wanted to be around her. I woke up the next morning and told another Airbnb girl, “She’s really cool, I really like her.” I remember. I knew she was really special. “

She will find out how special it will be after a week or so when her McDonald’s cousin, the groom, tests for COVID-19.

Clotwell and McDonald’s have decided to isolate together at Clotwell’s Coogee Flat.

“We literally met F1 on the weekend when everything was cancelled. [race], It was crazy. We thought, “If the world is about to end, we should enjoy the end of the world together.”

They did.

“It was very special to spend time with her during the blockade and wake up with her,” says Crotowell. It’s not working.

“I fell in love with her completely. Perhaps even before I said I love her, I definitely wanted to propose to her, [that] She’s alone, she’s really special I couldn’t imagine being with someone else. “

This was new to Crotwell.

“I didn’t want to be a proposer, even if I had a serious relationship so far. I was eager to be asked. Maybe I was worried, they were just as serious. I wanted to know that [as I was]But with Olivia, I wanted to propose to her. A friend of mine said, “When you love someone, it’s amazing that it can change everything in your head.” With her, I just wanted to propose to her. “

But then McDonald’s, working with a charity to help people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, was fundamentally different from any other woman Crotwell had previously dated.

“”[My past relationships had] It’s always full of dramas. the same as, [girlfriends were] Not very kind to me, not fully committed, or as you know, I have had people fooled me before. It has never been an easy process. For Olivia, that seems very natural. It seems that it is intended.

“She is very easygoing, very calm, very positive and calm energy.”

After six weeks together, McDonald’s returned to England. The pair had regular zoom dates and wrote physical letters to each other every Monday.


“When will you see her again?” Crotowell began to think. “By this time I fell in love with her and said,’I love you.’ We were both on the same page.”

So in September, Crotwell quit her job, packed her apartment, and moved to England.

This experience solidified what Crotowell loved most about McDonald’s: her kindness. “She leaves me a small note around the room,” It’s just nice to be with you “,” I thank you “,” I thank you for being with you “I’m glad I woke up with you’. She’s very kind and very affectionate. I’m excited. Every day with her is wonderful.”

So in early December, Crotwell asked McDonald’s to cross the Thames and take a walk to Tower Bridge near the hotel where she was staying.

“I was planning to do it on the ice rink. I love ice skating and she really loves Christmas,” says Crotowell. “But then I saw a beautiful sunset, so let’s go and see. At that time, I knelt down and asked her to marry me. She was pretty shocked. It was. “

The couple hopes to return to Australia in March to begin planning their wedding and the rest of their lives.

In the meantime, they know there’s one story cracker they can share when they meet and fall in love during their first pandemic in 100 years.

“Yes, we definitely said,’It will be for my grandchildren, it will be a wonderful story.'”

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Samantha Seringer Morris is a lifestyle writer for The Sydney Morning Herald and the Age.

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