There Are Squid Currently In Space?

Jeff Bezos is heading into space, but unlikely creatures are defeating him.

On June 3, NASA blew up a squid from Hawaii into space to study how space flight affects the immune system. The shared symbiotic relationship between squid and humans with natural bacteria allows for better insight into how human health works in space.

“There are aspects of the immune system that don’t work well in long space flights,” said researcher Dr. Jamie Foster. Honolulu Star Advertiser..

“If humans want to spend time on the Moon or Mars, they have to solve their health problems to get there safely,” she said.

Squid is classified as follows Cephalopods Known for intelligence and mobility. Squids can be as small as 1 inch long, while other squids can be extended up to 65 feet.

According to Foster, low gravity in outer space changes the microbes in the body. The goal is to try to find out exactly what is happening when this happens with the help of these baby squids.

“As astronauts spend more time in space, their immune system becomes so-called dysregulated, which doesn’t work either,” he said.

There are many squids in the Hawaiian waters, but these particular squids are called “Baby Hawaiian Bobtail Squids.” The squid, about 3 inches long, was raised before space flight at the Kewalo Marine Research Institute at the University of Hawaii.

Squid will be back in July. They exploded from the International Space Station on a SpaceX supply mission.

The research project is fully implemented Foster, currently a professor at the University of Florida Principal researcher at the NASA program to study how microgravity affects the interaction between animals and microorganisms.

“We found that the symbiosis between humans and microorganisms is disturbed by microgravity,” said Margaret McFall Nai, a professor at the University of Hawaii. ..

“And because it’s a simple system, she can figure out what’s wrong.”

There Are Squid Currently In Space? Source link There Are Squid Currently In Space?

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