The View hosts test Covid-positive before Kamala Harris interview

Prior to interviewing Kamala Harris, two panelists tested positive for Covid, causing View to plunge into a chaotic live show on the air.

There was a dramatic scene in the latest episode of the American talk show scenery Shortly before US Vice President Kamala Harris was scheduled to join the panel when two of the show’s organizers discovered they had tested positive for Covid.
The show was thrown into a chaotic live on the air when the producer heard panelists Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin instruct them to leave the set immediately.

“We need to get off with two people. We’ll be back later. I’ll tell you why later,” said the male producer.

The two left and left for a long time opinion Star Joy Beher to keep the show moving.

“Then, would you like to introduce the Vice President?” She asked.

The “yes” call and the “no” call are View Floor crew.

After the commercial break, Behar wrote to the viewer what was happening. “This will soon be a major news article.”

“Both Sunny and Anna seem to have tested positive for Covid. No matter how hard you try, these things will happen. There are probably groundbreaking cases, both of which are vaccinated with Wazu. So I’m sure it’s okay. “

In fact, both panelists later returned a negative test, suggesting that the previous result was a false positive. It is unclear why they were receiving the results shortly before the Vice President was scheduled to join the stage.

The last-minute Covid crisis confused an episode that was planned as an hour-long chat with Harris.

Behar and fellow host Sara Haines spend one segment as the show crew scrambled behind the scenes and the vice president organized video links to perform instead of attending on the desk. I received a question from the audience.

When asked by the audience about a memorable moment in his long television career, Behar said, “This is it.”

“That is, one thing about working on TV is that there are never boring moments,” she said.

Finally, and with only 10 minutes remaining in the one-hour program, Ms. Harris joined the rest of the hosts via a video link for a short interview.

“We take you so much that we did everything we could to make sure you were safe,” Behar told VP.

“Sunny and Anna are strong women and they are fine, but they also speak of the fact that they are vaccinated. Vaccines really make all the difference because they are worried about hospitalization and worse.” Said. Harris.

at first View’s host showed positive at the moment of Covid’s live broadcast before an interview with Kamala Harris

The View hosts test Covid-positive before Kamala Harris interview Source link The View hosts test Covid-positive before Kamala Harris interview

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