The Serpent: Yes, Kanit House Was Very Much a Real Place in Bangkok

Netflix’s crime-free non-fiction drama immersed in nostalgic 70’s aesthetics snake It’s a furnished and seemingly cozy canit house in Bangkok. The series initially portrayed guests relaxing by the pool, but in the 1970s many dark activities took place in apartment buildings.Frenchman drawn by Tahar Rahim in a limited series Charles SobraziAlso known as a bikini killer, welcomed young travelers at the Canit House in Thailand. But his generous hosting was a trick. Sobhraj has built a chilling reputation by giving unsuspecting backpackers medicine and robbing. He was convicted of two murders, but may have killed at least 12 ( He admitted but later resigned). Simply put, Kanit House was a real place and a hub of Sobhraj’s horrifying deeds.

Sticking to the location of the actual event, snakeThe production team shot most of the limited series in Thailand. However, Kanit House no longer exists because the complex eventually collapsed.according to Asia Times, The apartment house has been replaced by a condominium. Using the magic of television, the creators duplicated the Kanit House of the 70’s.To Interview with Condé Nast Traveler, Series co-producer Paul Tester, found a similar home “on Sukhumvit Soi 4 ​​away from the main highway where all nightlife takes place.” The crew arrived at the tick of time — the testers remembered finding the building just before the area was demolished.

The actual Nadine Gires (Mathilde Warnier) and Marie-Andrée Leclerc (Jenna Coleman) spent a relaxing time at the Kanit House pool. (Nadine was the woman who helped Herman Knippenberg follow Sobrazi, and Marie Andre was Sobrazi’s girlfriend.) During the shoot, Tom Shankland directed around the Canithouse pool. I referred to their actual photos hanging. “They fully captured that tension during a particular bohemian. [’70s] A laid-back charm, a clear tension in part of body language, “says Shankland. Interview with the BBC..

The Serpent: Yes, Kanit House Was Very Much a Real Place in Bangkok Source link The Serpent: Yes, Kanit House Was Very Much a Real Place in Bangkok

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