The Secret Talker by Geling Yan Review

Secret talker Geling Yan (released May 4th) is a delicious, dark and twisted novel about revealing new things about each character. And it’s not the end that everything is clicked completely. The main character, Chao Hong Mei, left everything to her husband. Military intelligence in China, her ex, a childhood village she wants to forget. Glenn, a wealthy American professor, wipes her out of her leisure and study life in the San Francisco Bay Area. “If this was the ending, it would be a really, very sweet fairy tale,” says Hongmei.

But that was just the beginning of the novel, originally published in 2005 and newly translated from Chinese by Jeremy Tian. A few years after Hongmei left China, a plot began and his relationship with Hongmei is collapsing. When he touches her, her skin crawls and they communicate through the notes left on the kitchen counter. Worst of all, she shrank to fit the stereotypes he wanted: a quiet, obedient wife, beautiful but passive. When we meet her, Hongmei is disappointed. “She always thought there would be a bigger world in front of her and a more perfect man waiting for her love,” Yang wrote. “In the end, it wasn’t.”

Hongmei then receives an intriguing and disturbing email from anonymous worshipers. The dark emotions that were tightly bound were suddenly released, and I had to start interacting with this person called the “secret speaker” who was fascinated by his obsession. The secret speaker teases her past with painful debris, shocking violence, a harsh determination to do whatever it takes to escape her little haunted hometown, and a major hurt in her relationship with Glen. To clarify. Enthusiastic about the adrenaline rush and caught up in her own growing charm, Hongmei can’t stop responding even if a secret worshiper becomes a stalker who seems to be tracking all her movements. you can not.

“Without violations, happiness would not have been a reality.”

What makes the cast of Honmei, Glen, the secret speaker, and the rest of Yang’s little characters so fascinating is that you believe they could do anything. This is especially true when you dig deeper into Honmei’s past and get an intriguing glimpse of the truth of her relationship with Glen. It’s not just her frustrated marriage and sultry charm that drives Hongmei to investigate the identity of the secret speaker and enthusiastically pursue face-to-face meetings. It’s a fiery desire to really be understood, a connection that only a secret speaker can give to her. And in her raw, stripped style, Yang spares nothing for her character and cuts through the white lies and etiquette they use to comfort themselves. “No one can completely tell how many plans are emerging in the darkness of the heart,” she writes.

The last twist was satisfying, well done and slower than I wondered if it would come at all.Immediately, I wanted to reread the entire book and dig up clues that I might have missed-always a good sign after you’ve finished the mystery, and Secret talker It’s wonderful. Burning, delicate and brutal, it hits the center of what breaks the relationship.

Outstanding quotes

“Without the breach, happiness wasn’t real … she told Glen how much she loved him, and that was true — her dishonesty made her love him even more. Feeling like. Every woman finds a secret passion to increase her Enthusiasm and warmth for her husband, and every lucky husband, whether real or imaginary, in his shadow We need to thank our rivals. Home safety comes from the feelings that are always on our way, the coordination of conscience and falsehood, and the third point of the triangle forever. “

Way of thinking

The storyline isn’t complete, so be prepared to exercise a little patience, but don’t worry — the fierce internet affair between Hong Mei and the secret speaker drives the book forward.

Where you should read it

Read this on a rainy foggy night (think chilly San Francisco spring, or as close as possible) with a glass of wine nearby.

Read this if you like. .. ..

This book gave me the same claustrophobic sensation of being seen and hunted, crawling on the skin. Woman in the window According to AJ Finn.

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Prompt

If you are reading this for 2021 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge, Used for the following prompts.

  • Books set in multiple countries
  • Book published in 2021

Time to read

A few days. Secret talker With only 150 pages of fast-paced pages, it’s driven by a mystery that keeps you reading all night.

Please give this book to. .. ..

This is great Reading club.. Filled with short and gasping revelations, it also raises moral issues of relationships that are certain to cause controversy.

Overview of sweet spots

Secret talker ($ 21) by Geling Yan is a psychological thriller who relentlessly looks at flaws and failures that ruin relationships, following a woman who longs to be understood and fears never can. I will.

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