The Queen’s cousin Simon Bowes-Lyon jailed for sexual assault at his castle

Dramatic photographs show that the Queen’s cousin was handcuffed and imprisoned for a horrific attack on a sleeping female guest in his castle.

The Queen’s cousin was imprisoned for breaking into the woman’s room and groping for her.

Simon Bose Lyon, 34, was forced to invade while the victims were asleep at an event held at Glamis Castle, the home of Scottish ancestors.

When she faced him, he pushed her nightie up and named her “a rude, sneaky, bad and scary person.”

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He also grabbed her improperly and told her she wanted to flirt during the 20 minute attack.

Count Strathmore’s Bose Lyon is Queen Elizabeth’s nephew and mother. He was imprisoned today for 10 months after previously pleading guilty to an attack in the Dundee Sheriffs Court last February.

Sheriff Alistair Carmichael told the court: “She locked the door and was afraid to put a chair under the steering wheel. She remained shivering.

“A year later, she still has nightmares and panics because she was sexually assaulted by you. It was even worse that you were her host.

“You assaulted her in the face of repeated protests to stop, and you prevented the repeatedly complainer from escaping. Concerns about the power, aggression, and tenacity you used. I will.

“This ruling must reflect the seriousness of this crime and the need for punishment to properly express the disapproval of society.”

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A millionaire landowner who walked behind Prince William at the age of 15 at Queen Mother’s funeral home described himself as a police peasant.

He repeatedly pushed the victim into bed, grabbed her intimately, and repeatedly admitted to trying to remove her nightie.

Courts were told that the attack took place after a black tie dinner at 6700 hectares of Gramis Castle, where Princess Margaret was born.

Bowes-Lyon continued to drink until 1:20 am.

She woke up to him by knocking on the door, claiming he needed to enter because he was “important”.

Prosecutor Lynn Manion previously said: It was pitch black. When she opened the door, he pushed his way and pushed him into the bed.

“He was very drunk and smelled of cigarettes. He said he wanted to flirt with her. He tried to pull up her nightie.

“She entered the ensuite to escape, but the accused chased her, stopped closing the door, and lit a cigarette. She squeezed the past and returned to her bedroom.

“She screamed in the hope that another guest would hear her.

“She panicked because she didn’t know the layout of the castle. She had no signal.

“He refused to leave. He went to bed and started pulling her. She had to keep pushing him away.”

“Very embarrassing”

Even after the victim managed to get Bows Lyon out of his bedroom, he went back and tried to force his way again.

The woman fled the castle in the morning and reported the problem to the police as soon as she returned home – both the Scottish Police and the Metropolitan Police Department were involved in the investigation.

In an out-of-court statement after pleading guilty last month, Bowes Lyon apologized and said, “I am very ashamed of my actions that caused such distress to my guests.”

He said he “drinked too much” on the night of the attack, which was “not an excuse” for his actions.

The aristocrat added: “I didn’t think I could behave like myself, but I had to face it and take responsibility.

“Last year, this included seeking the help of an expert and agreeing to plead guilty as soon as possible.

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The Queen’s cousin Simon Bowes-Lyon jailed for sexual assault at his castle Source link The Queen’s cousin Simon Bowes-Lyon jailed for sexual assault at his castle

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