The Project: Lisa Wilkinson asks if Gladys Berejiklian regrets criticising Daniel Andrews.

Lisa Wilkinson dumped it to the Premier of New South Wales, saying she had to “regret” criticizing Victoria and could be following “other masters.”

Lisa Wilkinson made a new swipe at New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Beregicrian after the state recorded 124 new cases of Covid-19, despite the one-month blockade in Sydney. ..

speaking project From Sydney, where she is also blocked, Wilkinson regrets to her co-sponsor that Ms. Beregikrian “contempts (Victorian Prime Minister) Dana Andrews and how he treated things. I’m doing it. “

She also speculated that Ms. Beregikrian had an “other master” she was following, preventing her from tightening the blockage even further.

NSW seems to be on a hearty Groundhog Day. last month, Recorded less than 100 cases repeatedly for several days before reaching 3 digits again..

The state does not seem to be able to reduce the number of people entering and exiting the community when they were probably unknowingly infected.

Currently, the incident has spread from the epicenter of Fairfield in the southwestern part of the city to the surrounding local governments.

The worst hasn’t come yet, and “the number of cases will continue to grow,” Bellezi Klean warned.

She urged people to avoid non-essential contact with other people and even their families.

“How contagious it is is cruel. It’s spreading like never before.”

But with all that in mind, and with the known dangers of the Delta in mind, the question remains around the Prime Minister why the state did not block earlier.

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Wilkinson’s disgust at Beregikrian

on project On Thursday, Wilkinson went to Mr. Beregikrian’s town.

“Gladys has said for days that there are all the green shoots, but today I saw them die on the vines, predicting that they would only get worse,” she said. Talked to his hosts, Carrie Bigmore and Peter Helliar.

“I think she regrets having despised Dana Andrews and how he treated things.

“In New South Wales, we’re looking at Victoria and how quickly you were blocked and how tight the numbers are.” That’s what we should do. “

Bigmore said Victorian people in blockade 5 In contrast to Greater Sydney Blockade 2, I’m now used to “doing the right thing.”

She quoted Victorian authorities visiting 436 homes to make sure people were isolated, but it’s actually at home that follows the rules.

“It’s pretty unusual. What everyone just does,” I do what I have to do. “

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Beregikrian’s “Other Masters”

Later in the program, Wilkinson returned to NSW and said, “The numbers were going in the wrong direction.”

The organizers said why the state “did not understand.” The government did not introduce stricter rules And he hinted that it might have political reasons.

“(Mr. Beregikrian) she says she follows health advice. Many people say that if it’s the health advice she’s followed from the beginning, the health advice is flawed or other masters we don’t know. I think I have.

“There are a lot of people who want some of these rules to be governed, so we hit this in our heads and keep saying she’s her purpose to zero (case). You can get off. “

The· Strict blockage rules in Greater Sydney It’s similar to other states in that there are limited reasons to leave home. You need to work from home as much as possible, schools will be closed, and all but “important” stores will be closed.

The difference is that there are no Melbourne style curves. The distance limit is 10km instead of 5km or 2.5km as in South Australia. No need to wear masks outdoors except in crowded areas, hardware and office supplies stores are allowed. Keep supermarkets, pharmacies, liquor stores and banks open for bring-in customers.

NSW is actually more severe than in other states in some areas, including the closure of construction sites.

The Project: Lisa Wilkinson asks if Gladys Berejiklian regrets criticising Daniel Andrews. Source link The Project: Lisa Wilkinson asks if Gladys Berejiklian regrets criticising Daniel Andrews.

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