The Project: hosts call further restrictions in Sydney ‘dangerous’

As Sydney’s blockade was extended for another four weeks, project organizers called for NSW Premier’s idea of ​​limiting certain areas to “danger.”

New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian is tinkering with new blockade ideas as the number of covids in Sydney grows.

One is to limit certain areas of Sydney, such as when Northern Beaches was blocked on Christmas.

on project, Host Waleed Aly called this idea potentially “dangerous”.

“I think this idea that Gladys Berejikrian is playing now about limiting some parts of Sydney over others is really interesting. If they go that way, they will. I don’t know if it is, but I think it’s logically not epidemiological and socially dangerous. Do you need everyone’s approval? “

“Currently, the country is divided, but what if the state is divided?” Carry Bigmore asked.

“Or, some cities have waterside views and some don’t. Sydney is already such a city,” says Kate Langbrook.

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“It’s hard because hotspots used to work,” added Bigmore.

“Only at Northern Beach,” said Ally.

“Yes, but when you’re not in the area where you have it. I can imagine that I want that freedom … you want that freedom. Who is she playing with? Are you trying to be happy with these decisions? ”Bickmore continued.

However, Peter Helliar added that using Northern Beach is not a good example. This is because it is arranged so that it is easy to connect Northern Beaches.

Ally added: “What you don’t want is people who say,’This is what I don’t obey.’ Because they don’t feel like they are treated the same as everyone else. Then you have a real problem. “

Sydney reported 172 community outbreaks on Tuesday, July 27. This is the highest number of records since the onset of this outbreak.

Some parts of Sydney, where Covid-19 infection rates are low, may withdraw from the blockade sooner, according to MPs in certain regions.

The government has shown to voters around the blockade that restrictions there are being considered “on a daily basis.”

Residents of Northern Beach and Central Coast May be released from blockage sooner than residents of southwestern and western Sydney, Has become the new epicenter of the virus.

Adam Crouch, MP of the Central Coast, wrote on Facebook:

“We hope that the restrictions being relaxed will include Manly and Northern Beach,” Manly MP’s James Griffin told NCA Newswire.

Since then, Sydney’s blockade has been extended for four weeks from Friday, with reports that it could drag the blockade until August 27.

At today’s press conference, Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian said there would be more news tomorrow about “what life will be like after July 31st.”

The Project: hosts call further restrictions in Sydney ‘dangerous’ Source link The Project: hosts call further restrictions in Sydney ‘dangerous’

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