The Project: Doctor delivers wake-up call to anti-vaxxers

A guest of the project says the Australian is focusing on what went wrong to get vaccinated-and she illustrated her argument.

In an episode of the project on Wednesday night, a Sydney doctor called a frustrated awakening call to a vaccine evader, showing the horrifying effects Covid could have on his body.

Dr. Miriam Levy, chair of the Liverpool Hospital Medical Staff Council, said: During the interview At a show she thought she was focusing on Australia being vaccinated against Covid to end the blockade.

“Vaccination is to prevent us from dying. When Covid first struck last year, my husband and I were actually in bed, what would happen if you died, what would happen if I died, and us two. I talked about what would happen if a person died, “she said.

To explain her point project As Dr. Levy explained the difference, the host showed an x-ray of a healthy lung set compared to the lungs of a Covid patient.

She said a chest x-ray of a Covid patient showed a “drown person.”

“And what you can see is all those stains are the pus and fluids that are being poured into the lungs. It’s like drowning, which is why people are out of breath. Therefore, Covid’s pneumonia can be absolutely devastating, “she said.

“and it is No About the blockage – people need to be vaccinated because of the illness, ”said Levy, stressing that people also need to be concerned about the long-term health effects of“ long covid ”.

“Not only did a 90-year-old child die, but everyone else has a runny nose and a loss of smell. Our ward was handed over to the Covid ward to manage the number of people with Covid pneumonia. It’s a serious business, and it’s hard to understand why people go to pubs and don’t get vaccinated for their own health, “she said.

Dr. Levy also blew up health workers who refused to vaccinate Covid, saying she was “not tolerant” of anti-vacciners in the medical sector.

“I don’t understand how all the principles are evidence-based and how you can work in an environment where the evidence is clear for vaccination. How can I get the job done and everything I don’t know if I can believe in the evidence and support all the work except vaccines. That’s unacceptable to me, “she said.

at first Physician frustration plea for vaccine controversy in the project

The Project: Doctor delivers wake-up call to anti-vaxxers Source link The Project: Doctor delivers wake-up call to anti-vaxxers

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