The potential of androgens in breast cancer treatment

New evidence of the active role of androgens in breast cancer treatment has been revealed by researchers at the University of Adelaide, which has a direct impact on women with estrogen receptor-induced metastatic disease.

An international study conducted in collaboration with the Garvan Medical Institute investigated the role of androgens as a potential treatment for estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. Androgens are commonly considered male hormones, but are also found at low levels in women.The results of the study are published in Nature medicine..

In normal breast development, estrogen stimulates growth throughout puberty and adulthood, and androgens inhibit growth. Abnormal estrogen activity is responsible for most breast cancers, but the role of androgen activity is controversial.

Androgens have historically been used to treat breast cancer, but knowledge of hormone receptors in breast tissue was rudimentary at the time, and the effectiveness of the treatment was misunderstood. Androgen therapy was discontinued due to the side effects of viralization and the advent of anti-estrogen endocrine therapy.

Endocrine therapy is the standard treatment for estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, but resistance to these drugs is a major cause of breast cancer death.

Research leaders Professor Wayne Tilly (Director of the Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Institute) and Associate Professor Teresa Hicky (Head of the Breast Cancer Group) said the need for alternative treatment strategies for androgen therapy for breast cancer. He said he renewed his interest. They explained that previous studies produced contradictory evidence of the best way to therapeutically target androgen receptors for the treatment of breast cancer, which caused widespread confusion and hampered clinical application.

Research leaders Professor Wayne Tilly and Associate Professor Teresa Hicky said the need for alternative treatment strategies renewed interest in androgen therapy for breast cancer.

Androgen receptor activation

Using cell line and patient-derived models, a global team of researchers from the University of Adelaide and the Galvan Institute found that androgen receptor activation by natural androgens or new androgen drugs is potent antitumor in all estrogen receptors. Demonstrated to be active-positive androgens, even breast cancers that are resistant to current standard treatments. In contrast, androgen receptor inhibitors were ineffective.

“This study has a direct impact on women with metastatic estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, including women who are resistant to current endocrine therapy,” said Teresa Hicky.

Professor Tilley said: “Androgen receptor stimulants provide compelling new experimental evidence that they are more effective than existing (eg tamoxifen) or new (eg palbociclib) standard treatments. In the latter case, It can be combined to enhance growth inhibition.

“In addition, currently available selective androgen receptor activators lack the unwanted side effects of natural androgens and can benefit women, including promoting bone, muscle and mental health. “

Elgene Lim, associate professor of breast cancer at the Garban Institute, and head of the Connie Johnson Breast Cancer Institute, said: Given the effectiveness of this therapeutic strategy at multiple stages of the disease in our study, we would like to translate these findings into clinical trials as a new class of endocrine therapy for breast cancer. “

Androgen, a member of the Adelaide-based team, and Dr. Stephen Biller, a breast cancer expert who is a pioneer in women’s health, said the findings were other than breast cancer treatment, including prevention of breast cancer and treatment of other disorders. I pointed out that it can also be applied to. Depends on estrogen.

An international phase 3 enrollment clinical trial evaluating the androgen receptor activator osterin in patients with androgen receptor and estrogen receptor-positive metastatic breast cancer and CDK4 / 6 inhibitors who failed endocrine therapy It will start in two quarters. 2021.

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The potential of androgens in breast cancer treatment Source link The potential of androgens in breast cancer treatment

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