The New Nanoleaf Triangles Are Perfect For Surviving The Coronavirus Era

Lighting affects your mood, experience and memory. It can change your circadian rhythm and interfere with long-standing sleep patterns.In a nutshell, lighting Powerful.. It shapes how we experience the world. In the age of coronavirus, lighting can play an amazing role, especially if you live in isolation or spend a lot of time at home.

Since March 2020, the Australia crew has been working from home. Without a trip to work, a later drink, or a friendly catch-up, the world began to feel a bit monotonous. Most of us wake up, sit in front of our laptop and start typing with little use of the friendly jokes that our days were filled with. It doesn’t break the tranquility, but with a few handy tricks, you can feel like you’re living and working in a whole new space.

Here comes the new Nanoleaf Triangles. The latest set includes two variations. It is a mini triangle of about 11 cm and a large triangle of 22 cm. The mini triangle is $ 189.99 for a pack of 5 and the triangle is $ 349.99 for a pack of 9. If you are looking to refresh your living space, they are expensive but definitely worth it.

I’ve written about Nanoleaf lights before. These are very simple app-controlled smart lights that can be programmed into any pattern of your choice. You can touch them and they will flash in different patterns. You can play music and they react to the song. You can use it as normal lighting or as an accent in your room. If you have other Nanoleaf shapes, you can also connect them to create a new and scary design. In short: they are pretty good.

The triangle fits mostly with IKEA’s classic Billy bookshelves, so it’s my favorite for new lots. As with other Nanoleaf products, to stabilize the light, the light must be taped to a wall or another surface. If you can’t put it directly on the wall (for example, if you’re renting it), the triangle is versatile enough to fit vertically into most furniture.

The mini triangle is also a viable option and is much smaller than the mainline triangle.

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They work the same, but are much easier to place and can be applied to any surface. Attaching them to your desk or bookshelf can make a big difference in your space. This is just one of the little ways you can make your home office look bright when you’re working from a distance.

The new Nanoleaf Shapes series boasts bright and colorful shades that soak your room, especially in the dark. Using the lights before going to bed can make the room feel a little more magical and calm. (Regardless of age, colorful lighting is still a bomb.)

According to color theory, warm reds and dark pinks are perfect for a great night’s sleep, as they emulate the atmosphere of being in the womb, where life was much simpler. With the right shades and settings, the new Nanoleaf Triangles can emulate those desirable uterine-like shades for perfect rest.

While using Nanoleaf Lights, my sleep as well as my mood improved significantly. It’s difficult to properly measure the exact effect with numbers, but I’ve found it much more relaxed to read using the device before bedtime. It’s a great way to spend your time and focus on your mental health, as if you were in a warm bath.

Nano Leaf Triangle Review
Image: Australia

In the daytime, it brightens any space and makes your work feel fresh. The difference between a blue day and a pink day isn’t that big, but it will give you a sense of change — and in the age of coronavirus, it’s a real blessing.

You have to fork out for the new Nanoleafs ($ 350 is a big investment for smart lights), but they’re really great. They always playfully inject and launch very stylish accessories. They helped me a lot while I was stuck at home, and if you are in a similar position, they may help you too.

The New Nanoleaf Triangles Are Perfect For Surviving The Coronavirus Era Source link The New Nanoleaf Triangles Are Perfect For Surviving The Coronavirus Era

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