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WWhen you were an experimenter with a new age type for a while, you start connecting points. Most of the courses, books, speeches, oral offerings, healings, meditations, etc. that you find lead to universal human anxiety, anxiety, longing, and various ancient customs, wisdom, or long-standing beliefs. I will use it.

Consider the popularity of Oracle decks that revolve around the principles of shamanism (the invisible spirit that exists in the visible world), occultism, divinity, nature, and spirituality. It’s not uncommon to see indigenous myths and figures of Eastern religions and traditions on card decks, but I was surprised to flip through the decks to reflect my background. Rabia al-Adawiya, a mysterious and saint of Sufi. And Fatima wrapped in a veil, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.

Global culture is the composition of a new era. Oracle’s deck and spirit paintings are freely borrowed from cultures other than Anglo, so they look enlightening, exotic, mysterious, extraworldly, and vast. The most glossy elements are modernized, shrink-wrapped and sold to the masses in convenient bite-sized chunks.

These efforts can be flimsy and half-hearted. It doesn’t produce miracles, but it’s a place to market miraculous potential because the ancient aspects of its presentation are referenced for reliability. New Age is, after all, an industry, and despite its best efforts to bring out love, light and purity, it is beneficial. Economic analysis estimates that self-help alone is worth billions.

It is undeniable that cultural and religious plagiarism, and worse, plagiarism is occurring in many industries. You often see it in modern gastronomy: how many Western chefs are experts in cooking in other cultures, or offer a fusion of east and west? It can also be political in food. There is a difference between being influenced by flavor and food and claiming to be yours.

Think about this when you see major airlines promoting Asia as an adventure, spirituality, and cultural destination. Spirituality is the place you visit, a temporary experience captured on social media, and ends at the gift shop.

Similarly, I crouch when I see the Arabic patterns traditionally found on men’s headdresses worn as dresses.If you look at people wearing Palestinians Keffiyeh I’m thinking of Palestinian seams and craftsmen who are made in China, whose jobs have been stolen and whose income is being affected by mass production due to Western demand.

Another example is the rich use of Native American symbols and traditions. Dreamcatchers – weaves and feathered hoops, and cultural significance – can contain sacred objects, but they are so common that they are in a box with instructions on how to assemble them yourself. There is. They are closely related as a space of a new era, or perhaps an object that suggests spiritual effort. I’ve seen it on variety shop posters, airport store keyrings, jewelry and more.

Writing for NITV, Natalie Krombu said: “Indigenous peoples are particularly vulnerable to cultures diverted by non-indigenous peoples and are a minority, so the mainstream masses rarely listen.”

Krombu wants a better understanding of when gratitude will be appropriated. “The difference is … respect.”

This is what I told Collet Baron Reed, the creator of the Oracle Card. Recently, she has faced serious challenges to general criticism and her overall thinking. “I adopted a hippie New Age attitude, like many contemporaries in the field, all based on the desire to show true gratitude and diversity,” she said. Told me

Good intentions are fine, but not enough. Rather than making a long and ineffective apology, Baron Reed hired two coaches of diversity, inclusiveness and anti-racism. She also investigated her ancestors and psychological consequences.

“When you start to open your eyes, you can’t see these things … some people refuse this when they hit it, but to be honest, what we want: unified. If you need a new world, you can’t ignore it.

“I faced my own personal prejudices, saw how my privileges affect things, and realized how I participated in harmful systems. I started making changes, which could be addressed for the rest of my life. “

With 11 decks behind her, Baron Reed applied a new lens to her efforts and revisited her deck to deal with the use of Native American images. Her publisher, Hay House (founded by Louise Hay), responded to her request to exchange certain cards and rebuild some decks. Baron Reed will not use any particular indigenous art in the future, and she has removed cards depicting certain Native American figures. [dived] In history … I realized I didn’t succeed in paying as much respect as I wanted.

“If we are really mentally’one’, then whatever we are doing needs to be dismantled, which does not support it. One imperfect, messy, awkward and fun day at a time. “

A new era was born before people reacted with complexity and sophistication to what they were offering. Today, we recognize that the new era is not so new and that sacred traditions are freely immersed in commoditized pools.

But most people don’t buy in the new era because they want to burn cash or commit crimes. They do it because they derive some real benefit from their experience. Not all commoditized New Age practices are shallow or meaningless.

Even in the worldly world, people are looking for answers and directions, perhaps a thread of hope and comfort. Beyond that, people are seeking relief. We have a lot of emotions to clear, experiences and people to forgive, things we don’t learn or feel.

Experience does not necessarily belong to one culture. Yoga was brought to the west by an Indian monk (not Gwyneth Paltrow) and was truly accepted in many ways. It’s okay to have a Western audience. That said, I believe it is inappropriate to rudely trade cultural and religious traditions, use them incorrectly or dangerously, or use them purely for profit. I am.

Working on Magpie’s approach to New Age spirituality is probably a bit like thinking about culture and food. Need a cheap, non-nutritive food court version, or a genuine nutritious version?

The new age looks enlightened and exotic because it borrows freely from non-Anglo cultures | Life and style Source link The new age looks enlightened and exotic because it borrows freely from non-Anglo cultures | Life and style

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